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Is There A Way To Reset Change Oil Light If The Reset Button Stops Working?...

I have had the car since new. Reset stopped working resently

What Kind Of Problem Do I Have?

I try to start my car but when I turn the key, it’s trying to start but won’t. Usually after a few times then it will start. How do I go about fixing my problem?

Can Anyone Tell Me Where The ECM Is Located On A 1996 Ford T Bird

Where are the ECM and PCM located on Ford 1996 Tbird

Want To Sell Car That Cargurus Can't Find

I have a 1957 T-bird to sell. It's been garaged for several years, so license plate number isn't current and so isn't found by the system. I plug in VIN and the system says it's invalid because it d...

Opening The Door With A Dead Battery

The battery on our 2002 Ford Thunderbird is dead. We are unable to gain access to the car because the windows are indexed up. Is there any way to gain access to the trunk without access to the m...

Ford Thunderbird Overview

The Ford Thunderbird was first introduced as a "personal luxury vehicle" back in 1955. Originally a 2-seater, the Thunderbird gained a back seat in 1958, and kept it until the Thunderbird was re-released in 2002 as a two-seater.

At times it would seem as though the T-bird was searching for an identity, somewhere between the personal luxury car it claimed to be or a two-seat sports car or muscle car or a retro-look classic vehicle.

Regardless of its exact identity, the Thunderbird has earned millions of fans, with over 4 million of the vehicle sold since it was released in 1955.

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