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1957 Thunderbird Automatic Trans

Looking at purchasing a 57 Bird. It is missing the button and spring from the shifter. Is this an expensive fix?


Grease Zerk

are there any Grease Zerk on the front end of a 1995 thunderbird

What Is A Q Code Landau Thunderbird. I Read Where It Is Called Rare?

In looking at pictures of 1966 Thunderbirds one descriptions said, "this a rare Q Code Landau". What does that mean?

Passenger Window Will Not Come Up

I do the reset of the windows after changing the battery . The passenger window was already down and will not come up at all . Suggestions please

Ford Thunderbird Overview

The Ford Thunderbird was first introduced as a "personal luxury vehicle" back in 1955. Originally a 2-seater, the Thunderbird gained a back seat in 1958, and kept it until the Thunderbird was re-released in 2002 as a two-seater.

At times it would seem as though the T-bird was searching for an identity, somewhere between the personal luxury car it claimed to be or a two-seat sports car or muscle car or a retro-look classic vehicle.

Regardless of its exact identity, the Thunderbird has earned millions of fans, with over 4 million of the vehicle sold since it was released in 1955.

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