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What Is A Great Deal For A Ford Thunderbird 2002 With 99,716 Miles

I found the exact car I fell in love with years ago and even though it is not what I am looking for right now I might just change my mind. I want to a great deal on it though. The dealership has had...

1956 Thunderbird Maintenance

I have a '56 T-Bird with some electrical problems (Turn signals and brake lights not working.) I haven't been able to find a shop in Austin to do this. Any advice?

My 2002 Thunderbird Did Not Pass The Smog Test.

I had a new battery installed. Do I need to reset the drive cycle? How?

Ford Thunderbird Overview

The Ford Thunderbird was first introduced as a "personal luxury vehicle" back in 1955. Originally a 2-seater, the Thunderbird gained a back seat in 1958, and kept it until the Thunderbird was re-released in 2002 as a two-seater.

At times it would seem as though the T-bird was searching for an identity, somewhere between the personal luxury car it claimed to be or a two-seat sports car or muscle car or a retro-look classic vehicle.

Regardless of its exact identity, the Thunderbird has earned millions of fans, with over 4 million of the vehicle sold since it was released in 1955.

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