Ford Make Overview

Passenger Cars

Ford Escort Overview
2003 - 1968 (used)
Ford Five Hundred Overview
2007 - 2005 (used)
Ford Galaxie Overview
1974 - 1959 (used)
Ford Model A Overview
1931 - 1927 (used)
Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Overview
2004 - 1993 (used)
2019 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Overview
2019 (announced)
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2019 Ford Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Overview
2019 (announced)
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Ford Thunderbird Overview
2005 - 1955 (used)


Ford Bronco Overview
1996 - 1966 (used)
2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Overview
2020 (announced)
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Ford Explorer Sport Overview
2003 - 2001 (used)
Ford Freestyle Overview
2007 - 2005 (used)
Ford Taurus X Overview
2009 - 2008 (used)


Ford E-150 Overview
2000 - 1981 (used)
Ford E-350 Overview
2000 - 1981 (used)
Ford E-Series Cargo Overview
2014 - 1979 (used)
Ford E-Series Wagon Overview
2014 - 2001 (used)
Ford Freestar Overview
2007 - 2004 (used)

Pickup Trucks

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Overview
2010 - 2001 (used)
Ford F-100 Overview
1986 - 1948 (used)
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Overview
2004 - 1993 (used)
Ford F-250 Overview
1999 - 1953 (used)
Ford F-550 Super Duty Overview
2011 - 2006 (used)
Ford Ranger Overview
2019 - 1983 (used)

Ford Questions

Starter Just Clicks

Battery fully charged just clicks when key is turned

What Does T/L Mean On Dashboard Of 2003 Taurus? It's A Raised Button In Fro...

What does T/L mean on dashboard of 2003 Taurus? It's a raised button in front of the speedometer. I don't want to push it and get blown to Hoboken


I got a 2003 ford explorer and it seems to overheat on traffic when I got AC on only. Checked coolant level and never drops thermostat is new. As soon as i turn AC off temp drops to normal. What ...

2007 Expedition Wont Crank When Hot

2007 expedition will crank amd start normal when cool but as soon as i got somewhere and the engine is hot and inahut off it will not crank. new starter. i was ablentonfind out ignition wire to sta...

Horrible Gas Milage 2002 Ford F 150 5.4

I have a 2002 f150 with the 5.4 it has 171,000 miles on it. I'm currently only getting an average of about 10 mpg combined. I just got the truck and was hoping for at least 12. It does have bigg...

Older Ford Models

Ford Aerostar Ford Aspire Ford Bronco II
Ford Capri Ford Classic Ford Contour
Ford Contour SVT Ford Corsair Ford Country Squire
Ford Coupe Ford Courier Ford Crestline
Ford Custom Ford Customline Ford Deluxe
Ford E-100 Ford E-250 Ford EXP
Ford Econoline Cargo Ford Econoline Pickup Ford Econoline Wagon
Ford Elite Ford F-1 Ford F-450
Ford F2 Ford Fairlane Ford Fairmont
Ford Falcon Ford Festiva Ford Focus SVT
Ford Fusion Hybrid Ford GT40 Ford Granada
Ford LTD Ford LTD Crown Victoria Ford Laser
Ford Mainline Ford Maverick Ford Model 18
Ford Model 40 Ford Model 48 Ford Model 50
Ford Model 74/78 Ford Model B Ford Model BB
Ford Model T Ford Pickup Ford Pinto
Ford Probe Ford Ranchero Ford Super Deluxe
Ford Tempo Ford Torino Ford Transit Connect Electric
Ford Victoria Ford Windstar Cargo Ford Zephyr

Ford Overview

One of the earliest manufacturers, Ford invented the mass-produced, assembly-line factory for cars. Over the years the company has put out some of America's favorite classic cars, such as the sporty Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird. (Ford has also created some of the automotive world's most notable disasters, including the Edsel and the Pinto.)

Based in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company is a pillar of the US corporate community. Despite recent money woes and scattered layoffs, Ford continues to turn out some of the market's most popular products. Ford's pickup trucks, especially the sales juggernaut F-150 line, are ubiquitous on farms and ranches across the US and Canada.

In the late 1990s, Ford put a lot of its eggs into the 'bigger is better' basket, upsizing its truck lines and creating several SUV models. The recent climb in gas prices and resulting contraction of the sport-utility vehicle market has been a tough pill for Ford to swallow.

Ford is something of a player on the international scene as well, with a 10% share of the European market. Some of the popular fuel-efficient compacts marketed in Europe may be just the ticket to bail Ford out of its current woes. And the company's acquisition of Jaguar (in 1989) and Volvo (in 1999) may be part of a long-term global strategy.

Ford's come a long way since founder Henry Ford marketed the Model T through the Sears Catalog, announcing that 'you could have any color you wanted, as long as it was black!'

In late 2006, Bill Ford announced that Alan Mulally would be taking over the role of CEO and President of Ford Motor Company; Bill Ford remains in the role of Executive Chairman.

Mulally brings some important experience to Ford: as president and CEO of Boeing's Commercial Airplanes Division from 1998 to 2006, he engineered a dramatic corporate turnaround for the aeronautics giant. Let's see whether Mulally's magic works for Ford as well!

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