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Frequently Asked Questions

Use your pre-qualification offer to view available rates for cars eligible for financing on CarGurus. These rates are accurate based on information you provided and may be subject to change if there are any changes in your credit application. Finance terms are not final until your financing is completed at a participating dealer.

Visiting the dealer? Make sure to print your offer certificate or bring the email with you. Knowing your terms in advance will help you make an informed financing decision. Plus, if the dealer offers alternate financing options, you'll have something to compare them to and leverage for negotiation.

When using your offer to complete your vehicle purchase, the dealer will ask you to fill out an additional credit application. A credit application at the dealer will result in one or more inquiries posted to your credit file. As long as the information you submit to the dealer is the same or better than the information you submitted in your pre-qualification application, you will receive the same financing terms as those in your pre-qualification offer. If that's done through participating dealers, you'll sign a retail installment contract in which the dealer serves as the original creditor. This contract includes your purchase and financing terms, and is assigned by the dealer to the lender which approved your pre-qualification.
Your pre-qualification offer expires 30 days after your application is received. You can use your offer on the expiration date, but not afterwards. If your offer expires before you're ready to buy a car, resubmit your information to check your eligibility for a new offer. Note: your offer terms might change upon resubmission.
Currently, financing is offered through Capital One Auto Finance for participating dealers and through the AutoPay portal for participating dealers and private sales. Have questions about offer restrictions or your specific financing offer? Please reach out to our lending partners directly.
Before heading to the dealer, you'll want to grab your pre-qualification certificate. You can either print it from your email or reference it on your phone or tablet. Dealers may require more information on your credit application, such as a valid driver's license, insurance, trade-in ownership documentation, your last two pay stubs, and proof of residency. Please call ahead to see which, if any, of those items they require.
Check the status of your pre-qualification offer on the "Finance Offers" section of the CarGurus site. Don't have a CarGurus account? Simply enter the email address you used when applying for pre-qualification and we'll send you a confirmation email you can use to access your offers. Another option is to ask the lender directly for your pre-qualification status.