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Connect with dealers across the country, pre-qualify online, and purchase your car without leaving your house.

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Questions about CarGurus Delivery?

What is CarGurus Delivery?

It’s an easy way to buy a car that you can’t find in your area. It’s also a great way to practice social distancing.

Are all listings available for delivery?

Only listings with the truck icon are available for delivery.

How much does it cost?

It depends. Some dealers cover all delivery costs. Others may choose to include a flat fee or per mile fee, based on the distance. All fees (if any) are included the car’s listing price and will be indicated separately in search results next to the truck icon.

Does delivery impact a car’s Instant Market Value (IMV)?

The Instant Market Value (IMV) still represents a fair retail price based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previous car listings in your local market.

How long does delivery take?

This varies from dealer to dealer. When inquiring about a car, feel free to ask for a delivery timeframe.

How do returns work?

Returns vary depending on the dealer. Click on a vehicle to view the dealership’s return policy. You can also contact the dealer with further questions.

I am a dealer. How do I offer delivery?

We're excited you want to participate! Fill out this form, or call 1-800-CARGURUS and ask your CarGurus representative about Area Boost.

Example car for sale listing with delivery truck icon.

Make sure to look for the ! Delivery fees (if any) are included in a car’s listing price. A breakdown of the fee will be marked in search results next to the delivery icon.

Awesome experience, so fast, delivery person was everything you could hope for. Vehicle arrived on time, clean and a tank full. A few initials and signatures after reading and took it for a test drive.


They were very helpful in showing me the vehicle, even from a distance! They delivered the vehicle in a timely fashion. A very good experience.


We were very satisfied with the delivery and delivery person who brought up my car. He let me know when he would be arriving in advance and kept in touch. The vehicle was in great condition when he dropped it off!