About CarGurus

At CarGurus, we are all about making the online car shopping experience more transparent. We give you the data and information you need to make smart, empowered car shopping decisions.

  • Shopping for a car?

    Our free shopping engine analyzes millions of car listings to give you instant guidance on the best deals in your area. Plug in your zip code and the car you want, and we show you which listings are great deals and which you should avoid. We invite you to contact the seller of any car you're interested in, and we give you information you can use in your negotiation.

  • Listing a car?

    For private sellers, we offer a listing tool that helps you determine the right price at which to sell your car. If you're a dealer wishing to list your inventory at CarGurus, we can help you drive qualified, local car shoppers to your stores. Visit our Dealer Signup to learn more about uploading your inventory to CarGurus.

  • Researching cars?

    Our active user community shares everything from car and dealer reviews to guidance on car maintenance and troubleshooting and answers to under-the-hood questions. If you are looking for real-world insights and information from fellow car shoppers and fans, you'll find it at CarGurus.

  • Sharing information about cars?

    The experiences and expertise shared by users is what drives our site. If you have opinions about the car you drive or the dealer you bought it from, the CarGurus community wants to hear from you. CarGurus has a deep heritage in online communities. In fact, CarGurus was founded in 2006 by Chief CarGuru, Langley Steinert, formerly Chairman/co-founder of TripAdvisor, Inc., the world's largest online travel website.

More about CarGurus

What makes CarGurus search unique?

CarGurus is all about price transparency. We help you find the best deals in your area. CarGurus is the only online car shopping service to consolidate and analyze prices on local car listings in real-time, helping you to find available great deals. Unlike many other car listings sites, our search results are unbiased. We rank the used car listings in your area based on Instant Market Value.

How does CarGurus search work?

CarGurus uses mathematical algorithms to analyze millions of car listings a night to find the best local deals for you. You enter your zip code and the car you want and you receive an instant view of the relevant deals in your local area, ranked from "great" deals to listings that are "overpriced". When you find your great deal, just connect with the listing dealer directly from our site.

What is CarGurus Instant Market Value?

The Instant Market Value (IMV) of a vehicle is CarGurus’ estimated fair retail price for a vehicle based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previously sold car listings in your local market. Our analysis takes into account specific details including make, model, trim, year, mileage, options and vehicle history. CarGurus' IMV is used to determine whether each listed car is a great, good, fair, high, or overpriced deal. CarGurus strives to provide full transparency to your car shopping experience so you know if you are getting a good or bad deal.