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2004 Grand Marquis Blen Door Changed But Still Blowing Hot Air

Car was blowing hot air when on cold setting so after some research everything pointed towards the blend door actuater. So after some painstaking effort we put in a new one, but nothing has changed...

How Does Car Gurus Select The Cars For Their Website?

How does Car Gurus select the cars for their website? I am trying to find the same car on CG's as I see on the auto dealers site. Are they selective about which cars to show?

Power Window Wiring

Hello, my driver's side door on my 1996 Infiniti G20 has come apart and the window opener button was hanging out dangling on the wires. Well, the wires have come disconnected and my roommate wants ...


My car heats up after accelerating to 80 I have to slow down that way the temp could go down.. since I placed the license plate in the center gap of the bumper I'm thinking it doesn't cool the radi...

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Driving Through Flooded Road

I drove through flooded road and my 2003 ford explorer died and wouldn't start. Had it tolled back to my house. When I try to start it all it does is click. What would be wrong with it?

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Speedometer Not Working

My speedometer is not working after i replace a transmission control solenoid.

1968 Firebird Headlights Flashing

After headlights have been on for 10 or 15 minutes they will start to shutter on and off rapidly. It doesn't matter if it's been running or not just after 15 minutes or so they start flashing. Rep...

9 views with 3 answers (last answer 41 minutes ago)

Break Problem Porsche Cayenne Turbo 08

I tried to drive my Porsche cayenne today and i had a problem in the break When its in the parking position i can feel the air in the break when i press the pad and its normal But when i put it in ...

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Horn Blows With Replacement Battery

Car has been sitting outdoors for a couple months without being started or driven. Car ran OK when we parked it. Battery is of unknown age (at least two years old). Battery seemed dead when tryin...

3 views with 1 answer (last answer about an hour ago)

Why Is My Ls Temperature Needle Moves Up To 'hot' When Engine Not That Hot?...

my 05 LS V8 temperature needle moves up to 'hot' -turn car off -no steam no drips but I hear water gurgle (bubbly kind of sound) coming from the drivers side engine comportment but I don't see anyth...

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Under my valve cover when I changed my seal I noticed that all of my rockers were golden except 2 of them the 2 were kinda black what does that mean

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Headlight Problem

Driver side headlight keeps blowing every couple days in my 86 ford bronco xlt and dont know what to look for to fix problem

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1999 Camry - Water Burst, Then Temp To High

1999 Toyota Camry (255,000+ Miles) Hello Everyone, Yesterday while I was near my home after about a 15 mile drive I noticed a huge splash of water and trail following my car after I made a quick ...

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Interior Lights Staying On

2008 Saturn Vue A/c Whining Noise

The A/C has started making a whining noise when driving. It is very loud and annoying. It does not stop if I turn the A/C off. It only stops when the car is turned off for awhile. If I do not tu...

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07 Tundra Abs Issue

So my 07 Toyota tundra, 5.7 V8, 102k miles, has been flashing the 4hi 4lo lights. The skid and abs lights are solid. (note: check engine is not on) What happens is the computer resets every time I...

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Anti Theft Light On After Fuel Pump Replace

After running down the check engine light codes in my g6 I replaced the fuel pump and vapor cannister. Vehicle was in neutral for several hours. After the repair the instrument cluster freaked out ...

Can A F150 Transmission Fit A 1991 Crown Victoria

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Timing Chain Replacement

I am working on 2002 Nissan pickup with 2.4 liter motor timing chains where removed by someone else I'm trying to get the timing right i brought crank to tdc 1 cylinder compression stroke but the...


How Often Should Tires Of 2011 Subaru 3.6r Outback Be Rotated

rotation of tires schedule

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