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No Crank No Start Not Even A Click

The car started and ran for about 2-3 minutes then died. We tried starting it back and it won't make a noise. Tried starting it in neutral and still no noise at all. What could it be?


Car Won't Start

My car was started when I was picking up my kids then I turned it off but once I tried to turn it back on it didn't want to start so I thought it was the battery so I got a jump n it did nothing I...

Tacoma Listings

Why do the Tacoma listings say that there’s no price recommendations because of being a custom vehicle when they are bone stock?

Sometimes My Premio 1996 AT211 Model Does Not Starts

sometimes my premio 1996 AT211 model does not starts, when i shift automatic gears, after that you crank and start vehicle

Replacement Engine For Toyota Hiace Camoervan

My 1994 3L 2.8L diesel engine is dead. Does anyone know what other engines would fit? Hilux won’t as mine is cab over engine type. Mines an auto box. Doesn’t have to be Toyota. Help!

Older Toyota Models

Toyota 2000GT Toyota Aristo Toyota Corona
Toyota Cressida Toyota ECHO Toyota FJ40
Toyota LiteAce Toyota MR2 Toyota MR2 Spyder
Toyota Opa Toyota Paseo Toyota Pickup
Toyota Premio Toyota Previa Toyota Sera
Toyota Soarer Toyota Supra Toyota T100
Toyota Tercel Toyota TownAce Toyota Van

Toyota Overview

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1933 by Kiichiro Toyoda. The first Toyota, the Toyota Model AA, rolled into production in 1936, and Toyota has maintained a solid reputation for dependability, value, and reliability ever since. Toyotas are very reliable cars.


Toyota has gained very positive publicity in recent years with its Prius (well, unless you count the South Park episode in which they lampooned "Pious" drivers =D). Toyota is very environmentally conscious and continues to test hybrid technologies and means of achieving cleaner emissions.


Despite these lofty goals, among the most popular vehicles from Toyota are their SUVs. The Four Runner has been around since 1984 and has an almost cult-like following. It is known for its safety, reliability, and creature comforts. The Highlander is a slightly smaller SUV around since 2001. Shrinking further, we get to the ultra-popular RAV-4, which began production in 1994 and has been growing ever since. At the high-end size-wise are the Land Cruiser and the even-bigger Sequoia, produced since 1954 and 2000, respectively.

Sports Cars

Of course, Toyota isn't just small and clean or big and powerful. They also have a line of small, sporty cars. The 2000GT is among the few classic foreign muscle cars. Building on this history, the Celica arrived on the scene in 1970, followed by the Supra in 1979 and the MR2 in 1984. The Celica was phased out and replaced by the Scion tC and the Camry Solara in 2005. The Supra maintains great popularity, in part to the tunability of these supercharged vehicles.


For the more conservative among us, Toyota offers a superior line of sedans, including the small Corolla (actually considered a compact), mid-size Camry, and luxurious Avalon. All are omnipresent on roads throughout the States. The Cressida was phased out in 1992 after 20 years of production. Smaller cars include the teeny ECHO and the now-defunct Tercel and Paseo.

Pickups and Vans

Last in the Toyota line are the pickups and vans. The T-100 got Toyota into a bit of a spat with Ford over naming conventions, and was eventually phased out in favor of the popular Tacoma and Tundra. Minivans of the Toyota line include Previa and Sienna.

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