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2019 Toyota Sequoia Overview
2019 Toyota Sequoia
The 2019 Toyota Sequoia has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

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2017 Toyota Sequoia Overview
Used 2017 Toyota Sequoia For Sale
Avg. Price: $56,523
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2016 Toyota Sequoia Overview
Used 2016 Toyota Sequoia For Sale
Avg. Price: $33,289
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Used 2015 Toyota Sequoia For Sale
Avg. Price: $41,547
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Used 2014 Toyota Sequoia For Sale
Avg. Price: $27,257
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Toyota Sequoia Questions

Front Suspension

I have a 2002 Yukon, GMC has a very poor front suspension All the 1999-2005 have this weak front suspension, they do not last. How is the Toyota Sequoia's ?? Are their front Suspension's upgraded to l...

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited Goes In Gear But Doesn't Drive

When i put my Sequoia in gear it goes into gear but when I step on gas pedal, the engine does rev but does not drive.

Substance Leakage

There is black oil type substance on my back rear tire on the drivers side around the brake area. I don't know what it is

Toyota Sequoia

While sitting in park my 2005 Sequoia will often jump or jerk forward. Any idea what this is?

4 Lo Light Flashing Toyota Sequoia 2013

What does it mean when the 4Lo light in my 2013 Toyota Sequoia is flashing?

Toyota Sequoia Overview

The Toyota Sequoia, a full-sized truck-based SUV, was introduced in 2001 to fill the gap between the smaller RAV4 and the luxurious Land Cruiser. The Sequoia boasts a lot of towing and cargo capacity, and seats up to eight people. It is only sold in the U.S. and Canada.

The most noticible thing about the Sequioa is its size. It is huge. The Sequoia is a capable tower and hauler, but there are downsides to such bulk. For one, the Sequoia can be difficult to climb into. The controls can also be hard to reach.

Despite being built on a truck platform, the Sequoia is known for handling surprisingly well, and offers a comfortable, quiet ride. Amenity-wise, the Sequoia slots between the lower-priced 4Runner and the cushy Land Cruiser.

The Sequoia is due for a redesign in 2008, and is expected to be even bigger.

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