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Rear Window Button

Rear window button does not release latch

Bluetooth Connection

My Bluetooth in my Hylande or the people on the other line cannot hear me at all. Sometimes it works and sometimes they can’t hear me


How long can I drive by AWD maintenance mode in normal road

Heater/ac Control Unit

My 07 toyota highlander hybrid was broken into and the radio was stolen. They ripped out the climate controls with it but lucky no wiring was damaged. I found the complete control unit that should ...

2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Highway Speeds Deep Humming Sound

The car is usually fairly quiet, but recently there is a deep humming sound when accelerating to highway speeds (50- 60 +). what is causing this noise?

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Overview

When the Highlander Hybrid was introduced for the 2006 model year, Toyota was the only car manufacturer to offer both a sedan and an SUV as a hybrid. The Highlander was also the first seven-passenger hybrid SUV on the market. The Highlander is a car-based SUV, making for easier handling and a smoother ride than a truck-based SUV. The Highlander uses the same platform as the Lexus RX330 but is much more affordable.

The Toyota Highlander looks much the same as the regular Highlander, with the exception of a chrome grille, LED headlights, and badging. The Hybrid gets slightly better gas mileage than the Highlander, but where it really shines is in emissions output.

The Highlander Hybrid is not meant to be taken off-road, unlike other Toyota offerings like the RAV4 and the Land Cruiser. Instead, the Highlander is geared towards buyers who use SUVs to cart around their family, sport gear, groceries, and pets.

The Highlander Hybrid is popular for the "cool-factor," but it is significantly more expensive than the conventional Highlander.

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