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Radiator Fans Not Coming On.

My fans won't come on I changed the radiator sensor and engine coolant temp sensor, flushed and added new anti freeze and the fans still won't come on I swap the relays and still nothing does anyone...

Can A 1991 Ecm Be Compatible With A 1992 Toyota Celica

can a 1991 ecm be used on a 1992 toyota celica

Replaced Coils/spark Plugs Now Car Dies Within Seconds Of Starting. Help!...

I had two bad coils so I went ahead and replaced them all along with new spark plugs. Now when I fire it up, it sounds great for 2-3 seconds than dies. If I try to rev it up, it dies quicker....

I Have A 2005 Toyota Celica GTS With Around 64,000 Miles On It. In The Morn...

I have a 2005 Toyota Celica GTS with around 64,000 miles on it. In the morning, when I first start it, the idle is very high and loud. The idle stays high until about 45 minutes later. What can I do? ...

Toyota Celica Overview

The Celica is a true Toyota classic. Produced from 1970 to 2005, it was much beloved by owners.

The Toyota Celica was designed to appeal to consumers who wanted a good, dependable Japanese car but who also wanted something a little more exciting than the typical Japanese compact sedan. It was available as a notchback, hatchback, and convertible at various points in its lifespan.

The Celica is popular for racing, particularly rally racing. The earlier models are especially popular due to their rear-wheel drive. The Celica also won numerous awards and honors throughout its lifetime, including Consumer Reports' 2002 "Most Reliable Sporty Car."

In 1979, Toyota introduced the Toyota Celica Supra, a high performance version. However, by 1986 the Supra had become a separate model.

The Celica was discontinued after the 2005 model year, due to slow sales and increased competition. The Scion tC is its successor.

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