Mazda CX-5 Questions


2014 CX-5 Won't Shut Off

Having the same issue. Turn the car off--but it does not turn off. (not putting your foot on the brake and turning it off does not work) Please report this to Mazda so they will address the issue....


My 2016 Mazda CX5's Radio Keeps Rebooting

When the car is cold (cold weather) it keeps rebooting several times till the car warms up.


Mazda CX-5 Locked Me Out Of The Car While Engine Was Off

I have the Advanced Keyless Entry push button start system. I loaded groceries in the back of the car, opened the passengers door, placed my purse containing the key fob on the passengers seat, close...

Mazda Cx5 How To TCS Turn On And Off

does the TSC come on automatically or does it need to be turned on when needed ?