GMC Envoy Questions

Why Wont Cargurus Accept My Password When I Am Notified Of A Potential Buye...

why wont cargurus acccept my password when i am trying to respond to inquires about my car for sale?

How To Get Vehicle Out Of Anti Theft Mode

I had my fuel pump replaced on a 2003 GMC Enovoy SLT and it went into anti theft mode causing not to start. How do I get it out of anti theft mode so I can start my vehicle?

Why Is My Envoy Not Starting?

I got an Envoy I replaced battery,alternator,fuel filter,thermostat,spark plugs and coils now when I try to turn it on nothing.I get in and the security light is flashing after I try to turn it on ...


Running Lights Sometimes Work

I forgot to mention in my last question that also my running lights have been working sometimes and then sometimes they don't or sometimes they'll start working and I'll be driving and they start...

GMC Envoy Overview

The Envoy started as an offshoot of the 1998 GMC Jimmy and replaced the Jimmy by 2002. Unlike other GMC models, this SUV doesn't come in dozens of trims. For example, the '07 version offers 4 trims, 3 of which use a 4.2 L, 291 hp I6 engine and the Denali, which has a 5.3 L, 302 hp V8 powertrain. The first Envoys packed a 190 hp V6 before an upgrade in '02 to 270 hp and then to its current 291 hp starting in 2006.

You can generally count on the Envoy for 15 mpg in the city and 21 on the highway. With 4 doors and room for 5, you'll have enough room to take a small family wherever it needs to go. Pick up the Envoy XL if you plan to carry a couple more.

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