GMC Envoy Questions

04 Envoy Transmission And Brakes

I was driving home and the transmission just went out any gear and when this happened my brakes will go all the way to the floor

2005 Gmc Envoy, No Power At All

There us no power what so ever to the vehicle. We drove it, park it and went out the next morning and nothing at all. We have changed the BCM, negative cable, neutral safety switch, ignition module...

Im Looking For The Tent Made For The Gmc Envoy Xuv Tent

I'm looking for the tent that was made for the 2004 2005 gmc envoy xuv

My 2006 Gmc Envoy Denali Starts Drives A Few Miles Then Dies And Wont Resta...

i replaced fuel pump, fan clutch, sprk plugs, plug wires, pullys, belts, oil pressure sensor (twice) i was driving down the freeway and it suddenly dies. and reduce engine power light came on. now i...

Gmc Envoy Radiator Fan

Engine was over heating. I replaced the thermostat and water pump. Filled the system with coolant and ran it. RPM's would get very low (5 seconds-ish) then bounce back up then drop again (20-30 Seco...

GMC Envoy Overview

The Envoy started as an offshoot of the 1998 GMC Jimmy and replaced the Jimmy by 2002. Unlike other GMC models, this SUV doesn't come in dozens of trims. For example, the '07 version offers 4 trims, 3 of which use a 4.2 L, 291 hp I6 engine and the Denali, which has a 5.3 L, 302 hp V8 powertrain. The first Envoys packed a 190 hp V6 before an upgrade in '02 to 270 hp and then to its current 291 hp starting in 2006.

You can generally count on the Envoy for 15 mpg in the city and 21 on the highway. With 4 doors and room for 5, you'll have enough room to take a small family wherever it needs to go. Pick up the Envoy XL if you plan to carry a couple more.

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