GMC Questions

Getting An Offer From Car Gurus

how do i get an offer from car gurus if im already selling the car and have a listing on the site?

Transmission Shifting Problems

My truck will not shift past 1st gear and reverse. I have replaced the complete wire harness and checked the shift solenoids. The transmission has less than 1k miles on it since rebuilt

Oil Pressure Is Bottoms Out

I have a 94 GMC Sierra 1500 5.7 V8 2 wheel drive with a little over 250000 miles on it oil pressure bottoms out when I take my foot off the gas pedal and it dies

Transmission Does Not Engage In Any Gear

Transmission doesn't engage in any gear , no power to drivetrain

How To Remove A Inside Door Panel On A 2009 Gmc 4dr Pickup

Trying to rmove a door panel to fix a broken wire.

GMC Overview

If carmakers made shoes, most would agree that GMC produces rugged workboots designed to traverse all kinds of terrain. More than 100 years in the business would give anyone a solid sense of their identity. Formerly known as GMC Truck, the General Motors offshoot has found its own niche by producing powerful SUV's, vans, and pickup trucks.

When you shop for a GMC truck, expect to take your time because many models sport at least 20 trims. Some might say the countless variations constitute overkill. Others might say the expansive trim selection shows the engineers' creativity. In any case, no one can say that GMC doesn't give its customers freedom of choice.
So what new frontier does GMC plan to explore next? Although trucks and vans remain its specialty, the Detroit-based automaker has recently looked to expand into the crossover market with models such as the Acadia. Look for GMC to diversify its portfolio for a clientele looking for some flash to match the performance.