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Alternator Voltage

I have a 2008 GMC Denali. My output voltage from the alternator is 14.5. Seems high to me. Does anyone know what the voltage should be? Thanks

How Many Spark Plugs Are On A 2009 Gmc Sierra

In reference to the previous question about spark plugs, which kind is best and also how many

Type Of Transmission Fluid

What type of transmission fluid do I need for a 2008 GMC Envoy SLE 4wd?


What weight oil do I use in my 2008 GMC Acadia?

97 GMC K 2500 Cranks But No Start

The truck was running fine and just stalled out. Now it won't start, it has 58psi fuel pressure and good spark...and it sounds like it wants to start when you crank it over but it just won't catch...

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GMC Overview

If carmakers made shoes, most would agree that GMC produces rugged workboots designed to traverse all kinds of terrain. More than 100 years in the business would give anyone a solid sense of their identity. Formerly known as GMC Truck, the General Motors offshoot has found its own niche by producing powerful SUV's, vans, and pickup trucks.

When you shop for a GMC truck, expect to take your time because many models sport at least 20 trims. Some might say the countless variations constitute overkill. Others might say the expansive trim selection shows the engineers' creativity. In any case, no one can say that GMC doesn't give its customers freedom of choice.
So what new frontier does GMC plan to explore next? Although trucks and vans remain its specialty, the Detroit-based automaker has recently looked to expand into the crossover market with models such as the Acadia. Look for GMC to diversify its portfolio for a clientele looking for some flash to match the performance.

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