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2023 BMW X5 Overview
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$61,600 - $85,400
$57,790 - $79,920
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$60,600 - $82,800
$56,860 - $77,505

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BMW X5 Questions

Heated Steering Wheel

I have a 2017 BMW X5 DIESEL and wish I had a heated steering wheel is that possible to change now?

How Do I List My Car?

I want to list my car for sale but don't see an option to do so

What Is This Leak Caused By?

I found a leak. I do not know what this part is or where it is coming from.

Can Anyone Tell Me About X5 Diesel Reliability?

Can anyone tell me about reliability with the X5 Diesel? Looking at a 2015 with 40K on it. I can't find a whole lot on their reliability and if they are worth going in on.

Pros And Cons Of Owning A 2015 BMW X5

What are the pros and Cons of owning a 2015 BMW X5

BMW X5 Overview

BMW introduced the X5, its mid-size luxury crossover SUV, in the 2000 model year. The development of the X5 was one of the beneficial offshoots of BMW's takeover of Rover, as BMW designers and engineers were able to use Range Rover technology and parts in the development of the X5.

Among the Range Rover-esque features found in the early versions of the X5 is the vehicles hill descent control. The other major influence in the building of the vehicle was BMW's own, popular 5-series sedans.

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