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2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty Overview
The 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

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Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

Ford F-350 Super Duty 2006 Won't Start

Been having trouble hard to start I've been have to use either or starting fluid to get it started and I was on the freeway got on freeway the other day and it just quit I changed the fuel pump in ...

2020 F350, Right Front Door Lock

Door lock stops working from time to time, wont unlock w/ remote or door buttons.

Will The Square Hole Rims Work With The Oval Hole Rims?

One of my inside dually rims are bent which makes highway speeds a bit shakey. Will the 4 hole square hole rims work with the 4 hole oval hole rims? I'd be concerned if the offesets are different f...


2003 F350 V10 Missing, Running Rough, Loss Of Power- HELP!

2003 f350 V10 recently blew out my spark plug & coil, passenger side, 2nd coil from the front. I repaired, replaced & all was good, ran great. 1 week later driving & all of a sudden - started loosin...

Radio Power Is Missing On 2008 F350 King Ranch

While I was installing a new stereo in my 2008 F350 King Ranch, the main battery power wire shorted to ground and blew a fuse somewhere. I checked the cab fuses on the passenger side fuse box, and bot...

Ford F-350 Super Duty Overview

Based on the top-selling F-150 truck platform, but juiced up with a heavier frame, a stiffer suspension, and more rugged construction, the Ford F-350 Super Duty is a powerful consumer pickup truck with heavy-duty hauling capacity.

The Ford F350 Super Duty (like its slightly sleeker sibling, the F-250 Super Duty) was spun off as a freestanding model in 1999. The tough Super Duty trucks have appealed to drivers looking for a workhorse vehicle for ranch, farm, and job site.

Although the focus of the F-350 Super Duty brand is performance and strength, Ford offers this monster truck with a variety of creature comforts and special packages, including the popular King Ranch edition.

Too big to be EPA rated for fuel efficiency, most people estimate that the F350 Super Duty gets about 10 miles per gallon. Sure, it's not the most environment-friendly truck out there, but it definitely packs quite a punch!

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