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Subaru Outback Questions

Tenths Of Miles Disappeared On Odometer

Two days ago, I had the oil changed in my 2014 Subaru Outback. When I picked it up, the (main) odometer no longer displayed tenths of miles and there is now a "0" in front of the 88247 mile reading....

High Beams Working, Running Lights Not Working

Hi, My high beams lights are working well. Fog lights are working well. Flashers too. But running lights are not. I checked all fuses and they are all fine. Relays seems to be fine too. I changed t...

I Have A 2008 Subaru 2.5i. At Night The Dashboard Lights Up Beautifully. Du...

Repeated Dead Battery 2015 Subaru Outback

The battery on this car has gone dead at least 7 times; most of them with no know cause as in a light left on. On one occasion, we had the hatch and doors open for several minutes as we prepared to go...

Dealers Listed On CarGurus

Are all the non subaru dealers listed on CarGurus trustworthy?

Subaru Outback Overview

Subaru has always innovated. It was the first automaker to put all-wheel drive in its entire vehicle lineup. In 1995, it seemed to be the first automaker to offer what we now call a crossover SUV. The Subaru Outback debuted in 1995 as a Legacy trim and came as a wagon only. With demand for SUV height, rough-road travel, and sportiness rising amid a growing stigma attached to station wagons, Subaru introduced the Outback as a way to help reinvigorate Legacy sales.

The original Outback was basically a Legacy, with a 2.5-liter, 165-hp H4 engine, but with standard all-wheel drive, higher ground clearance, fog lights, ABS brakes, and tires and suspension tuned for off-roading. In 2000, the Outback became its own model and added a sedan to the lineup. It quickly surpassed the Legacy in sales, both for its all-wheel drive performance in tough outdoor weather and road conditions up north, and its overall quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride.

In 2001, the Subaru Outback featured the comeback of a six-cylinder engine. Using the same Boxer flat engine, the 3.0-liter engine originally hit 212-hp and was offered in the L.L. Bean and VDC editions of the Outback. The VDC edition also featured variable torque distribution in its all-wheel drive, automatically adjusting wheel torque according to the road conditions.

Today, the Outback remains a top seller for Subaru, and has added many refinements and interior conveniences over the years, including heated leather seats, six airbags, a 60/40 split fold rear seat that folds flat, and automatic climate control. Trim offerings today include the 2.5i (now hitting 175-hp), the turbo 2.5XT at 250-hp, and the 3.0R (also 250-hp), still only available in the L.L. Bean and VDC models. It continues to get praise for its quiet and smooth performance, the powerful turbo engine, and the all-wheel drive. Backseat legroom is cramped for a five-person wagon.

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