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2023 Lincoln Navigator Overview
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$77,635 - $109,120
$74,141 - $102,573
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$77,635 - $109,680
$74,141 - $103,099

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Catalytic Converters

Are the catalytic converters on a 2001 Lincoln navigator interchangeable with a 08 Lincoln navigator


Engine Failsafe Mode

In January of this year my 2006 Lincoln navigator "check advancetrac" light came on then went into engine failsafe mode out of the blue and after shutting it off in an attempt to clear the notice, ...

Why Won't My Car Start?

My 2003 Lincoln Navigator won't start. The battery has been tested as in good condition. The starter was replaced but it still won't start. I have power to the lights and radio but can't get it to s...


How Can I Check My Emails From 12/2021

Need to track the person who bought my car in December 2021. Apparently he has not put the car in his name. Got a red light for none stop. ( ticket ) I have his information on the old email

Lincoln Navigator Overview

Introduced in 1998, the Lincoln Navigator was on the vanguard of the hugely successful full-size luxury SUV trend. It remains up there, parked at the peak with the Cadillac Escalade. The Navigator was redesigned for 2003.

The premium, seven-passenger sport-utility vehicle is based on the Ford Expedition, but features many ritzy touches added as standard features. These include loads of powered accessories, supple leather seating with integrated heaters (and coolers), and fine interior appointments like rich wood.

Although the vehicle's gas mileage numbers are miserable, if not sinful, there's a large segment of the car-buying public that doesn't care, even as fuel prices rise. These spacious and imposing behemoths have sold well for every year of their existence, as they are snapped up by professional athletes, affluent suburban moms, and simply anyone who likes to make a big statement with what they drive.

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