Lexus GX Questions

What Is The Correct Information?

I was sent to the car dealership because you sight did not have the interior seats color and that it is a premium not a basic, and that (I don't know where you you are getting you information from o...

Lexus GX460 Road Trip Capacity

College road trip. Need max capacity. 4 passengers. Is it OK to drop one seat in 2nd row and one seat in 3rd row to maximize capacity options VS dropping both 3rd row seats which would give much les...


Do Car Batteries Go Dead Often At Dealership?

I am looking to buy a used car. Should I be concerned that the battery was replaced twice in a year at the dealership, or is that common since the cars sit a lot and may not be driven much?


What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Used Lexus GX?

I'm considering a Used Lexus and looking for insight into for best value, reliability, driving on the highway as well as snow.