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Engine Knock

I Have Documentation To Correct Incorrect Salvage Information

I want to submit documentation I have to correct the incorrect information that the vehicle I am selling has been salvaged from junk. Who can I submit that to to have this bad information corrected...

Lexas 2004 Gx470 Suspension

SUV has 175000 miles and sometimes will ride like chuck wagon on a dirt road.  I can stop the car and turn it off and most times it will solve the problem.  The ride indicator is always set at 1.   ...

What Is The Correct Information?

I was sent to the car dealership because you sight did not have the interior seats color and that it is a premium not a basic, and that (I don't know where you you are getting you information from o...

Lexus GX460 Road Trip Capacity

College road trip. Need max capacity. 4 passengers. Is it OK to drop one seat in 2nd row and one seat in 3rd row to maximize capacity options VS dropping both 3rd row seats which would give much les...