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2003 Es300 Lexus Missing Knock Sensor Harness

I have a 2003 LEXUS ES 300 and my knock sensor harness went missing after I had taken the car into repair shop to have struts changed will it harm engine if I drive it I notice the rpm is higher t...

Condensation On Inside Of Lexus 330

I'm getting condensation build up on the inside of my Lexus 330 when parked overnight. All windows are closed tightly. It is particularly heavy on the windshield and rear window.

Diesel Fuel In Gas Car

What needs to be done to repair the problem of diesel fuel in the tank, and system since the car was driven after diesel was put in the tank? What are estimate of cost?

Check Engine Light,VSC Light And Track Control

My Check engine light came on,VSC light and track control light and when I am at stop or a light the car would not drive and will have some problem breaking I have no problem before at all

My Trunk Unlock Button And Key Fob Trunk Release Have Quit Working--looked ...

Trunk release button in car and key fob quit working --checked fuses but they look ok