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How To Turn Off Air Suspension Switch

My first Ford Expedition. It is a 1999 Eddie Bauer fully loaded carrying 121,000 miles. No license plates, no title and no battery when purchased and to top it all off the chk susp light was on. Aft...


Water Leaking Onto The Ground From Somewhere

I took the Expedition on a bit of a drive today, about 200 miles rt, I noticed a puddle of water under it after I got home. I have moved it a couple times and each time it has water under it, it does...

2013 Ford Expedition Acting Strange

My 2013 for expedition is possesed!!! Lol While driving it will drop in to first gear. Rev really high. I have to pull over and put it in p to fix it. Also the speedo will drop to 0 and stay there w...

2007 Ford Expedition

My 07 expedition has set for a while but as soon as I hooked up the battery the thing started cranking over. The only weird thing is that the key was in my pocket . So what would make a vehicle do ...

Ford Expedition Overview

Ford's full-size SUV was originally presented as a replacement to the more rugged, off-road Bronco intended to compete with the likes of the Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon. Despite very poor gas mileage, the Expedition remains a popular vehicle with seating for nine.

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