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My Car Feels Like It Drifts Every Time, Is To The Point That Is Not Safe To...

when I speed up I loose control of the wheel and the car feels like is drifting even when Im not turning, I changed tires, did alignment and still doing the same thing.

Reopen Account

My account was closed. How do I reopen.

Information And Location.

Can CarGurus provide me a location for this 08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 so I can get a better look at it? Stock# M8525.

Blender Motors

The blended motor, behind the glove-box started clicking, even when the car was off. I replaced the part. One month later, the same thing. Then two months laterit started clicking again. What is the...

Bolt On Left Side Resonator Removal

Recently saw a video where a guy took off the bolted left side resonator off his challenger and it gave it a deep rumble. But my question here is with the removal the left mid muffler is basically...

Dodge Challenger Overview

Dodge's entry into the pony car market just as that market was beginning to wane, the 2-door Challenger came in either convertible or hard-top form. Built on a Plymouth Barracuda platform, it was two inches longer than the 'Cuda and had a wider and longer hood than the Mustang. If you notice similarities to the Charger, that's because the same guy, Carl Cameron, designed both cars.

Though the base model of the Dodge Challenger came with a Slant-6 engine, the R/T performance model came in a variety of V8s, culminating in the 426 Hemi, at 425 bhp. After several changes in engine offerings and trim names, this generation of Challenger lasted only until 1974, due to low popularity, but was reintroduced as a four-cylinder coupe along the lines of Honda Prelude or Toyota Celica in the late 1970s.

Because so few were made or sold, the Dodge Challenger, particularly from 1970-71 is highly sought after by collectors. The big news for 2008 is Dodge's Challenger Concept Car. Inspired by the success of Ford's return to a somewhat classic look for its Mustang, Dodge is releasing a retro style Challenger in 2008 that is much anticipated by muscle car fans everywhere.

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