Subaru Crosstrek Questions

Has Anyone Needed To Replace The Rear Brakes On Their Under 50k Mile Crosst...

My Crosstrek has 40k miles, I brought it in for a routine oil change and had to replace my rear brakes, I thought the front brakes wore 1st, is this unusual?

Subaru Xv Fog Lamp Replacements

I have a subaru xv 2014 and want to replace the headlight bulb from halogen to xenon type, I also want to upgrade the fog lamps for brighter more powerful lights


Dealer Recommends Strut Replacement - At Only 40,000 Miles!

My 2020 CrossTrek is in excellent condition, but as soon as my 36,000 miles warranty expired, my dealer (Subaru of Palm Springs) wants to replace a strut, claming it's leaking. I'm annoyed. I just had...

Key Gets Stuck

Why isn't the Subaru issue with key stuck in the ignition not being recalled ? Does anyone have it documented it's a factory defect?

Radio Failure With “check SD Memory Card”

Anybody have a radio/entertainment failure on their 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. Radio cannot be turned on and the screen shows “check SD Memory Card”. See owners manual in detail.