Honda Accord Hybrid Questions

What Is A Price Drop

I got an email saying the price of a car had dropped. But when talking with dealer it was listed at different price.


Tire Well Space In The 2021 Honda Hybrid Models

Why did Honda place a tire well in the trunk of their hybrids where the hybrid battery is located? They will not furnish a spare tire or recommend that you place one in the designated well because ...


Why The Ear Deafening Hum

Hello I also purchased the 2020 accord hybrid abs got this ear deafening hum when driving close to 50 mph. Honda knew nothing. Found out the engineers of honda do know though and they only report ...

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid DEAD, No Power, No Lights

My 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid EXL dont even have 100.000 miles yet. was working like a dream. I got home and went to work on my system, and when i touched a wire to my battery, it zapped and died comp...


Follow Up To Same Problem

This is follow up to the loud humming on my 2020 Accord touring hybrid. When you call honda regarding this ear deafening hum when car is cold and around 50 mph they know nothing about it. Found ou...