Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

Can I Use E88 Fuel In My 2008 PT Cruiser

It’s supposed to be safe for any car 2001 and newer but i don’t know anyone whose used it in anything similar to mine

OBD Port In A 2006 Pt Cruiser

I went to 2 different Auto parts store and one garage and all of them have said they couldn't hook the scanner up to the port because of broken prongs. Then I stop and put 30 in the tank and a ha...

2003 PT Cruiser And The Interior Lights

The interior lights in my 2003 pt cruiser stay on and is draining my battery, any help or ideas as to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

2008 PT Cruiser Oil Pressure Sensor

My daughters pt cruiser oil pressure sensor light and alarm keep going off when she is driving. We have replaced the sensor with no luck. Is there another way to stop the dinging?

Why Does My Dash Lights Flash And Goes Out ?

my dash lights flash 3 or 4 time and go out,also when i apply the brakes my brake lights come on and so does my front running lights come on.What is the problem.My

Chrysler PT Cruiser Overview

The Chrysler PT Cruiser was introduced in 2001, and represented one of DaimlerChrysler's first ventures into the retro-styled auto market. The PT was originally intended for the Plymouth marque, but by the time production began, the Plymouth name no longer existed. The compact wagon had its roots in the late-1990s Plymouth Pronto concept car.

The PT name has a dual meaning: Chrysler uses the term "Personal Transportation," but PT is also an abbreviation for the platform. The PT (Platform Tall) is a variation of Chrysler's PL (Platform Low) foundation, used by the Dodge Neon. The PT Cruiser shares many Neon components, but styling is reminiscent of the 1930s Chrysler Airflow models.

In the PT Cruiser's introductory year, only two trims were offered: Base and Limited. In the following years, Chrysler added GT and Touring trims and special additions like the Limited Platinum and Dream Cruiser Series. Other models include the Street Cruiser, Signature Series, and the 2006 Walter P. Chrysler Edition. A four-seat convertible was added in 2005.

The PT Cruiser is now in its seventh year of production, but it is still in the first generation of production. A series of updates came in 2006, which included a new grille, new head and taillights, a higher quality dash, and a new audio system.

The PT was voted the North American Car of the Year in 2001. Chrysler's reliability problems would unfortunately hamper the PT's reputation in subsequent years.

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