Toyota FJ Cruiser Questions

Shipping, Delivery, Transport

I found my dream car that I want to purchase - it’s in Connecticut, I’m in California… Does CarGurus offer any sort of transport/delivery services?

Does CarGuru Help If Buying A Car From Another State

Does CarGuru have a service to arrange inspection of vehicle if is an out of state purchase, especially when car is being sold by an individual.

Will Putting 17' Rims Affect My '08 FJ Cruiser That Comes With 16' Rims?

I have an '08 FJ and I'm looking to put 17' rims on it, I want to know if it will change things like the handling, acceleration, and throttle response due to the transmission and diff being designed...


Why Is My Car Showing Overpriced At $36,900

why is my car showing overpriced at $36,900 while others show high or nothing at a high price. I have a special FJ Cruiser addition Ultimate Trail Team. Only 3 or 4 in the country forsale. There i...

I Need To Find A Title For A 2007 FJ Cruiser. Does Anyone Know Where One Ca...

Girlfriend lied and due to possible law suite I put title in her no Contact with girlfriend, title in her name..I have vehicle. What can I do to get a title for make and model to use?

Toyota FJ Cruiser Overview

The Toyota FJ Cruiser, a compact SUV, was first introduced as a concept car in 2003. It generated so much excitement during the auto show season that Toyota put it into production and began selling the FJ Cruiser in 2006 as a 2007 model. The FJ Cruiser is styled after the FJ-series Land Cruisers from the 1960s. The FJ Cruiser competes with vehicles such as the Nissan Xterra and the Honda Element.

Retro elements on the FJ Cruiser include the front fascia (which include the word "Toyota" spelled out instead of the usual logo) and rear wrap around windows. It also sports a white roof and color-keyed interior features.

The FJ Cruiser makes the sixth SUV in Toyota's lineup. It is the second compact SUV for the auto maker, and is slightly larger than the RAV4. The FJ cruiser is more suitable for off-road than the RAV4.

The FJ Cruiser is marketed to a younger buyer, but it is too soon to say if they have taken the bait.

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