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1997 Nissan Pathfinder

The Instrument Panel Brightness Control for the dashboard does not work anymore.. Is there a fuse for that ? Which one is it under the dash board

How To Find Fair Dealer Pricing?

Is there a way to enter a VIN, mileage, condition, etc. and find out what fair pricing would be for a Certified Preowned Vehicle? All the websites are giving me what they would offer (for resale) an...

Nissan Pathfinder Overview

The Nissan Pathfinder is a midsized SUV, now larger than the Xterra and Murano but smaller than the Armada. The Pathfinder is a truck-based SUV and is currently based on the Frontier platform.

The Pathfinder originally came in a two-door body style only, but switched to four-door in 1990. Early Pathfinders had the appearance of a truck with a canopy fused on top.

As sport utility vehicles grew in popularity, the Pathfinder evolved into a more sophisticated and comfortable vehicle. The corners became more rounded, and overall the Pathfinder grew into a larger and more attractive vehicle.

The Pathfinder was last redesigned in 2005, and a new Pathfinder is expected in 2008.

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