Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

Check Engine Light

I have 2005 mercury Marquis if my car is at idle for any length of time the check engine light comes on. After a few days it will go away. I did ck gas cap earlier. Any ideas?


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My pictures are not uploading.


Mercury Grand Marquis Overview

The Grand Marquis is one of those classic full-sized, rear-wheel-drive American cars that may never go away - after all, the flagship model has always been a great seller for Mercury. Its big V8 makes it powerful, its substance makes it safe, and the amenities Mercury puts into it make it comfortable.
This sibling to the Ford Crown Victoria has not seen many style changes; it does not need them. It was introduced in 1983, yet it's only in its third generation, which began in 1988. The Ford Motor Company plans to keep making the Grand Marquis for at least a couple more years, but they may drop the word Grand from the name, as this is the only current Mercury model that does not begin with the letter M.
The Grand Marquis is much more popular with general consumers than its sibling car, as the Crown Victoria is mostly sold for fleets and is especially popular with law enforcement. Although times have certainly changed, there is still a market for the long and luxurious American car.

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