Mercury Questions


My Car Has Over 232,000 Miles. Is It Worth Keeping? How Well Does Engine An...

I am concerned about how many more miles I can get from this car, with such high miles on it. Anyone out there know if they can go over 235,000 miles with no major problems?

09 Grand Marquis LS 65,000 Miles. Engine "quits" For About An Eyeblink.

Happens once about every 350 miles. Not a misfire nor stumble. No codes. Any ideas?

Headlights Dash & Interior Lights Fail To Work

I have a 2000 grand marquis ls and my headlights dash and interior lights wont turn on at night when I turn my switch on. I changed my LCM and even changed the switch out still nothing. Ive changed ...


2002 Mercury Sable 24V DOHC Error Code

I have a 2002 Mercury Sable 24V DOHC with 62K miles on it. The engine light came on this morning - first blinking and now is on as soon as I start the car. Took the car to Autozone and had them run...

1995 Mercury Grand Marquis Jerks

My 1995 Grand Marquis periodically jerks while driving. It feels like when it is trying to shift gears. I could be driving at 10 mi or 50 mi, it doesn't matter. It's a slight jerk, but it's consist...

Mercury Overview

Mercury began in 1939 as a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Its purpose was to provide a middle ground between the lower-runged Ford products and the premium Lincoln line, making them the Mama Bear, if you will, of the Ford empire.
Mercury, of course, is named for the Roman god of war, and his image was the brand's symbol in the beginning years. The icon has changed from an M to a cat and back to a modified M again, this time taking a waterfall shape. Model names have followed with these themes, running from a series of feline names (Cougar, Bobcat, and Lynx) to the current lineup loaded with initial Ms (Mariner, Milan, Montego, Monterey, Mountaineer, and in semi-conformity, Grand Marquis).
Mercury's sale history has seen peaks and valleys, but geneally more of the latter. Its survival as a brand is in question, although those doubts are not coming from the Ford Motor Company camp. It helps that the current selection now offers a truly green vehicle, the Mariner Hybrid, although hybrids in general may be losing popularity; their higher MSRP and not-that-exceptional highway fuel economy may lose the nod as other technologies come up to speed in maximizing fuel economy.
The Mercury brand still has its strength in quasi-luxury sedans, with ranging in size from the Milan to the Montego to the Grand Marquis. The lineup lacks a sporty car and loses its minivan after this year, as the Monterey has been discontinued.