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Mercury Cougar Overview
2002 - 1967 (used)
Mercury Grand Marquis Overview
2011 - 1981 (used)
Mercury Milan Overview
2011 - 2006 (used)
Mercury Montego Overview
2007 - 1968 (used)
Mercury Sable Overview
2009 - 1986 (used)


Mercury Mariner Overview
2011 - 2005 (used)
Mercury Mountaineer Overview
2010 - 1997 (used)


Mercury Monterey Overview
2007 - 1950 (used)

Mercury Questions

Transmission Filter

should filter be changed along with transmission fluid on a 2000 grand marquis Ls? Mechanic tells me that it does not. Looking for a second opinion. Thank you

Stops Running When Put In Gear

The car has been well maintained with regular tune ups. It quits running when put in gear. My son got it to go while in reverse.

Need To Replace A Engine Computer Pcm-ecm-ecu

do I need the exact part number to rplace my 2006 Mercury milan engine computer? There are so many out ther its a Milan premier 3.0 engine


The Entire Control Panel For Heat And Air Conditioning Has No Power...turn ...

Car Not Going Into Gear

We have a 99 mercury sable with only 60,000 mikes in it. It was driving fine when all of a sudden it won’t go into gear. We can shift the gear to drive but when we hit the gas it goes no where he...

Older Mercury Models

Mercury Bobcat Mercury Capri Mercury Comet
Mercury Eight Mercury LN7 Mercury Lynx
Mercury Marauder Mercury Mariner Hybrid Mercury Marquis
Mercury Meteor Mercury Monarch Mercury Montclair
Mercury Mystique Mercury Park Lane Mercury Topaz
Mercury Tracer Mercury Tudor Mercury Villager
Mercury Zephyr

Mercury Overview

Mercury began in 1939 as a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Its purpose was to provide a middle ground between the lower-runged Ford products and the premium Lincoln line, making them the Mama Bear, if you will, of the Ford empire.
Mercury, of course, is named for the Roman god of war, and his image was the brand's symbol in the beginning years. The icon has changed from an M to a cat and back to a modified M again, this time taking a waterfall shape. Model names have followed with these themes, running from a series of feline names (Cougar, Bobcat, and Lynx) to the current lineup loaded with initial Ms (Mariner, Milan, Montego, Monterey, Mountaineer, and in semi-conformity, Grand Marquis).
Mercury's sale history has seen peaks and valleys, but geneally more of the latter. Its survival as a brand is in question, although those doubts are not coming from the Ford Motor Company camp. It helps that the current selection now offers a truly green vehicle, the Mariner Hybrid, although hybrids in general may be losing popularity; their higher MSRP and not-that-exceptional highway fuel economy may lose the nod as other technologies come up to speed in maximizing fuel economy.
The Mercury brand still has its strength in quasi-luxury sedans, with ranging in size from the Milan to the Montego to the Grand Marquis. The lineup lacks a sporty car and loses its minivan after this year, as the Monterey has been discontinued.

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