Lincoln MKZ Questions

2013 Lincoln MKZ Passenger Power Seat Not Going Backward

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid front passenger power seat will not move backwards. All other switch functions work. I replaced the original with an OEM and it lasted a few months and now it too will not go...


Heated/cooled Seat Not Working

Just got a 2010 MKZ and the driver's seat won't heat/cool. Checking fuses looks good (and I believe both seats are covered by same fuse anyway). Any ideas what I can do to rectify this?

What Are Some Of The Reasons The Wrench Light Will Light Up On A 2008 Linco...

I was looking at a 2008 Lincoln MKZ off Craigslist. 93,000 miles, no check engine light on but the wrench light is on. I think the wrench light is an indicator for the AWD/Transmission system? It dr...

Lincoln MKZ Overview

The car now known as the MKZ has undergone enough recent name changes to make its head gasket spin. The mid-sized luxury sedan is descended from the rear-wheel-drive Lincoln LS, which was built on the Jaguar S-Type platform and debuted for the 2000 model year.
After a less-than-thrilling run of disappointing sales numbers, the LS became the front-wheel-drive Lincoln Zephyr for 2006. But then the maker's marketing minds decided to streamline their line's names into a letters-only scheme (except for the untouchable Navigator and Town Car), in hopes of attracting more - and younger - buyers.
So after just one year, the Zephyr became the MKZ, harking back to Lincoln's old (and beloved) Mark and Zephyr models and preserving the Zephyr's initial. It shows good promise among entry-level luxury sedans, standing out especially among the domestic competition.

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