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2020 GMC Yukon Overview
2020 GMC Yukon
The 2020 GMC Yukon has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

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2017 GMC Yukon Overview
Used 2017 GMC Yukon For Sale
Avg. Price: $37,426
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Avg. Price: $34,991
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Avg. Price: $21,546
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GMC Yukon Questions

Wipers And Windows Won't Work

the wipers stopped working and the next day the electric windows wouldn't roll down.

2003 Gmc Yukon 5.3 Cuts Off While Coming To A Stop Or Parking

My 2003 gmc yukon stall every now and then while coming to a stop or while im parking turning the wheel. Idk if its my alternator not putting out enough amps cause every now and then the battery me...

Loud Bang When I Shut Truck Off

When I park and shut off the engine a loud bang happens. Feels like something is dropping from the engine. It doesn't happen everytime though. The faster I stop put it park and shut it off the more...

What Transmissions Are Compatible With 2004 GMC Yukon

Automatic Transmission

My transmission will drive in all gears but in Reverse it doesn’t move. The transmission fluid was a bit low and I filled it, no leaks.

Older GMC Yukon

1998 GMC Yukon Overview
1998 GMC Yukon
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1997 GMC Yukon Overview
1997 GMC Yukon
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1996 GMC Yukon Overview
1996 GMC Yukon
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1995 GMC Yukon Overview
1995 GMC Yukon
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1994 GMC Yukon Overview
1994 GMC Yukon
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1993 GMC Yukon Overview
1993 GMC Yukon
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1992 GMC Yukon Overview
1992 GMC Yukon
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GMC Yukon Overview

When you hear the word Yukon, images of caribou and the vast Canadian landscape fill your imagination. GMC added another evocative association to the Yukon name in 1992 with a full-size SUV that closely resembles the Chevy Tahoe. The Yukon started out with 2 doors, added 4 door trims in 1995, then dropped the 2 door design altogether in 1999.

The powertrain started out as a 5.7 L, 210 hp V8 and eventually grew to 5.3 L and 320 hp by 2007. After some public rumblings that the SUV could use an update, GMC answered the call in 2007 with a re-designed frame and exterior, better fuel economy, nicer interior, and smoother ride. In addition, seating capacity increased from 5-6 to 8-9 in 2000.

With increasingly stronger powertrains and more modern features, the rugged Yukon looks to keep going strong long into the 21st century.

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