Ford Freestyle Questions

2005 Ford Freestyle Possibily Needs Something??? HELP?!!

Hi, I don’t know much about vehicles, but I know a little but about three months ago I left my car, running for maybe five minutes to lock my door and grab my purse and when I came out, there’s a ...

Getting My Car To Go Down The Road

The wrench light came on driving down the road now I cannot go forward reverse or anything what do I do

What Does The Wrench Symbol On Dashboard Mean

car will not cranck

What Else Can We Look At For Continual Overheating?

Hi, we have replaced the Water pump and the thermostat. Still over heating. Not sure what else we should do or look for as a problem.

Ford Freestyle Overview

Attention, potential Ford Freestyle purchasers: This new model from Ford is not a minivan. It is more like an SUV. The Ford Freestyle enters the market as a wagon-esque sedan, a midsize bordering on full-size. It has the design of the Ford SUVs, including in the grille and wheelbase, but is more akin to a car in terms of height and handling.

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