EPC light came on and lost all power a week ago, having strange problem now. Help please!


Asked by Jan 17, 2011 at 03:34 PM about the 2003 Volkswagen GTI 1.8T

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about 1 week ago while I was driving on the freeway my EPC light came on and I had to pull onto the shoulder as I lost all acceleration. After restarting the car I got off the freeway ok (did notice a loud blowing sound though) and got to a gas station, then I disconnected and reconnected the negative battery terminal to reset the system.
Since then it hasn't happened again and my car appears to be running completely fine except for one thing: when I give it a lot of gas and really try to accelerate quickly I hear that same loud blowing or sucking noise coming from the engine. I'm assuming this has to do with the turbo since it only happens if I give it a lot of gas, but I'm only guessing here.
VW guy claims he has no idea what the problem is until he looks at it for $85 an hour, anyone have a good idea what the problem might be?

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Hey man im having the same problem with my 03 gti. The light first came a couple weeks ago after there was a noticeable shift in power, light tug, feeling of a slight down shift. I preceded to drive the car home and left it parked for the night. The next day the light was off. However after driving maybe 15 miles the next day the same thing occurred, in addition my vehicle began stalling at stops and the EPC light switched to the check engine light. Again once parked the lights both EPC and Check Engine switched off. For the past week this is recurring every time i drive and again the lights turn off overnight. I have taken it to two mechanics whom state they cannot help because the lights do not stay on. Any suggestions??

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someone posted on another website I may have a boost leak, but they were referring to how I mentioned I hear a blowing noise when I give it a lot of gas. My lights haven't come back on, but last night my MIL light came on (malfunction indicator light* I believe is what it stands for). Yet again the manual is very vauge about what can cause it, so I don't know whats going on. If I hear anything about the lights I'll post it on hear for you.

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i had the same thing a year a go took in to vw it was fule senser today i have the same problem i need to take it back

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Check the vaccuum lines. mine had the same issue so i replaced my vaccum lines.

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Epc light is mostly known to come on when there is emissions probelms. Could be Lambda probe sensor (o2) on cat.

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the check engine light deals with emission related problems. if there is a loss in engine power then thats when the epc light comes on.

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i was driving my 2003 vw new super beatle gls turbo today my oil light flashed checked my oil full levels then i later read in my owners manual that do not drive your vw if your oil is full and light flashes seek nearest vw dealership. i went to mcdonalds and on my way back home engine light came on car died on 83 in the middle of the road it most likely is my timing belt or hydro pumps possibly a loose sensor but non the less bought this car 3 days ago so they are fixing and replacing all parts for free downside im without my car for 6 more hours... DO NOT DRIVE IF OIL LIGHT FLASHES AND OIL IS FULL***** MEGA REGRET FOR MY DAY.. YOUR CAR WILL STALL **** JUST TAKE IT TO THE VW DEALERSHIP.... hope thats helpful... - em

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Once about every week or two when i come outside my home and get in my 05 gti and start it up to go to work my EPC light and my ESP light cut on and stay on. If i start driving it down the road, ill get the loss of power.. I can pull off the side of the road quickly and restart my engine once with my key and the EPC light will cut off but my ESP light stays on.. Start it a second time and the ESP light resets... still trying to trouble shoot this. Im also not going to a VW dealer so they can tell me 6 other things are wrong and need fixing when they are not. haha.. I'll let you know what i find out.

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yes, i am having the same problems with a 08 DSG model, i've had the accelerator cable, accelerator and another valve replaced so far. its still happening! driving along and suddenly the EPC light will come on and i'll loose power, its really dangerous. does anyone have a fix for this problem??

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Had same problem.. Getting it back today.. They said my second cylinder was missing.. So I'm guessing it was a spark plug.

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I have a 2008 city golf done up a bit. When I put a cold air package on it and racing exhaust. The epc and red exclamation mark comes on. I have no loss on power just that lousy beeping warning. I took the negative off and nothing. It came on once. Went away and 2 months later came back

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New machine studios

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engine speed sensor

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this happining now to my 2004 audi a4 quattro 1.8t

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My brand new 2015 GTI (3 weeks old) just had a similar problem when I was out driving it yesterday. In a parking lot on a hill. Car would start for a few seconds then fail to idle and die. The EPC light was on. Thought it was flooded and tried everything including jump starting by rolling down the hill for about 200 yards. Still nothing. We waited about 10 minutes while we read through the manual to see what EPC meant. Just before we called the dealer we tried one last time and it started. We drove straight to the dealership and they are now looking at it. Very disappointing.

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I recently had the same issue with my 2001 beetle, 1.8L turbo. This is how I fixed the problem. The middle gear inside the throttle control module was worn. This wear allowed to much play between the servo motor gear and the throttle plate gear. Computer interpreted this as a slip in the drive train. The middle gear does not rotate 360 degrees. Therefore I lifted the gear out of the assembly and dropped it back in place so the worn areas were no longer in play. No DTC's and operating great for a couple of months.

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I'm having the same problem with my 2010 polo when I start it it's rev counter is a bit too high and when I try to drive it doesn't pick up speed. The EPC warning light is on it started to last night

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As I'm driving my 2011 jetta the battery light comes on and the car just shuts off and it takes about 10 man before it will start back up what could be the problem I need help

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Well Well, we all have the same problem but not solution does anybody had a solution to the EPC light turning on.

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The EPC light has to do with the VW's accelerate by wire system. Any anomaly that's associated with the engine rpm, wheel rotation, throttle peddle position and the throttle control module will most likely illuminate the EPC light. Now you have to figure out which one. Start with pulling DTC codes. If none, then roll the dice. I'd start with the TCM if no codes come up or if fuel metering code P0170 DTC comes up. This comment is entirely based on personnel experience. I have no experience with the other possible causes. If you don't understand what I'm talking about then you need to find a good diagnostic mechanic. Repair shops just start throwing in parts until it's fixed. A good technician can find the data causing the problem then you can determine which part needs replacing. Read my solution I posted a couple of months ago.

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EPC = Electrical Power Controle, Any fault in any electrical wiring or instrument will make it flash on, But, always there another sign light will flashed on beside the EPC, the other sign light will lead you to the problem,

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It does the same thing for me I just disconnect the negative Batrey wire for about half hour and all lights are shut of and runs again for 300kilometres or so then epc come on. I've been told to replace the pressure regulator hose numerous sensors spark plug wires boost leak. What do I need to change every part on this peace before the electrical power control light stops coming on. Can anyone give me a direct genius answer to what the exact problem is??, I don't want to go spend all my money and have it still having problems

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Im having the same problem however, my gti lose power and cuts out completely and dies. I took it to a vw dealer and once the plug in their laptop and clear the faults car starts and epc off and all no more faults. This has happened 3 times now and no one knows what is wrong. Please help!!!

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We'll I changed the PVC valve from the air filter, and the PVC hose witch was rotted to nothing and runs well now, haven't had any problems for A couple thousand kilometers now 160$ fix . the end of the PVC hose was completely clogged, mite wana clean that out .

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My 2008 EOS has the same issue. They are telling me that it requires a new wiring assembly and a new throttle pedal

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Im Currently having the same problem on my Polo 6. The EPC Light comes on and when it idles it has a strange sound from the exhaust and it loses power while im driving it can't even get to 100km/h. So I phoned VW and they told me to take it to the nearest VW dealer tomorrow

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My wife has a brand new 2015 Polo GTI bought in Australia. Driven 1 day only, 160 kilometres and guess what - EPC light came on and needed to be towed to dealer. Still there.

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EPC light gets displayed on my 2005 Skoda Octavia vRS every time ever since the car was left dipped in 2 feet of standing water about 2 weeks back (I was sleeping and the entire street got flooded with rain water). Luckily, I was able to get inside (in the process, some water went in too) and move the car out of that place in time. The turbo just won't function as long as the EPC signal remains displayed... Any idea what I should do? Thanks :(

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Went to audi and them check the problem on my 2004 a4 Quattro. Its the brake switch.

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My Audi A4, 2lt Triptronic B7 was diagnosed 3 times already. I changed the fuel pump, spark plugs, turbo valve, the EPC light went off after a long struggle. But came back again 4 days later. I really don't know any more after spending so much on getting it fixed, but the problem persists. Any reference?

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Same here. My 2014 Gti also randomly came up with EPC warning. The dealer here (Dubai) checked the car for full 10 days! and came back saying it was a valve issue. 3 months later, while driving yesterday i get the same thing. Car wouldnt even start and had to take it back to the dealer. Some Quality German Engineering this must be! Very disappointing indeed.

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Was there ever an answer for the EPC problem?

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I have a 2011 Jetta, having the same issue, started out with it idling so low while sitting in traffic and at lights it would stall out and sometimes be hard to start, have to shut it off for upwards of 5 minutes before it would refire. EPC light was always involved. Took it in to the dealer and the first thing they tried after they did the diagnostic was to do a software update on it because it was a cam position sensor issue. After that I almost caused an accident while trying to merge onto the bridge because it lost power and EPC light came on and stayed on, still running and still moving, but just seemed to be in an idle mode or something, would only go 20km/hr in morning traffic, that's not good when trying to merge. EPC light was out when I restarted again after stopping and shutting it off for a while. Took it to the dealer again this morning and the new diagnostic codes say to change the cam position sensor. Luckily I bought the extended warranty or it would be costing me over $250 to fix. Hopefully this time it fixes the problem.

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Answers please

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My 2009 Passat is still in the shop ( a week) first sign was was turning sharp Righ to merge on a sloped freeway entrance code said faulty engine workshop ! Or something like that . Then it began to suddenly just die at stops or driving a low speed . I got a new battery , replaced cam sensor , fuel pump Control module and guess what ? Still did it .... What is it ????

Heyoooooo! I might have an answer. I unfortunately had this issue yesterday and spent more on towing it than service. My issues turned out to be the belt had ripped to shreds. My mechanic replaced it, charged the battery and voila! My baby's back haha


Ok, I'm having an EPC problem right now too. I'm going to do a trial and error this weekend to fix the EPC. After reading a lot of articles and websites. People have come up with a couple reasons EPC pops up. 1. Throttle body. I'm going to pull it out and simply clean it this weekend. 2. Speed sensor. 3. Brake switch. 4. Throttle control sensor. I'm going to do it in that order. I will update once solved!

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I cleaned my throttle body this weekend, pretty simple job, so far no issues.

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I wish I had an answer? My doc light started coming on after an APR stage 1 flash. I have a 2014 Jetta se TSI 1.8 litre (gas engined car). My EPC light comes on under aggressive acceleration. It doesn't always come on with any predictable pattern. NO other lights accompany it coming on and my car DOES NOT GO INTO LIMP MODE. I have zero loss of power. As soon as I turn the car off....it is reset? Zero codes were thrown. It was looked at for an hour or 2 at the VW-AUDI-PORSCHE dealership (the APR dealership is at the VW dealership...all the same folks). APR came up with 2 beta versions of thier APR stage 1 tune to try as this had never happened before the tune was done. Other then the EPC light staring at me, I am not looking ANY performance and don't ever get a check engine light nor has it left me stranded so until I see that it's hurting the car, I'm just going try to ignore it. I'm still going to look for answers but perhaps letting whatever it is fail, might be the only way to fix this? Not sur if this helps. I'll be following this and hope to all that an answer is found.

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Spark plugs. My 2010 tiguan had the same problem. Changed the spark plugs fixed the issue. Light will stay on until it's reset.

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I have a 2012 Passat and I'm running into the same problems. I have an EPC light on as well as a check engine light , got the codes read , came out to be the throttle body sensor.. When I drive it the car won't go over 30mph and then most of the time I step on the gas and have no acceleration what so ever , I have to pull over turn off the car and turn it back on to be able to drive it. Help !

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Change the voltage sensor Is low voltage the same issue i have and it startes just like that..once u took the battery off u made a reset.. Dont even spend money...get 2 things ..gas pedal sensor wich is the whole pedal and sensor and the voltage sensor...you will c...this is my 2nd jetta i got experience on these ..i still love the car

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My car is a 2014 Jetta SE TSI 4 cylinder 1.8 litre engine. I am curious if you had any other lights show up at the same time as the EPC light. In my instance, it is the ONLY LIGHT THAT SHOWS UP. My car does NOT have a check engine lighf AND IT DOES NOT GO INTO LIMP MODE AND DRIVES FINE. When I cut it off it "resets. Its never shown any codes every. I have no place to begin trying to figure out what to do.?? How much was a voltage sensor? Was your chk engine light on? No one seems to have the exact same problem. Everyone else seems to have a CEL light and the car stops driving like crap while mine has none of those symptoms. I wish I had an answer. Hopefully others will include more detail.

My car won't go over 30mph the EPu light is on jetta 2004 GLS plz help

All hoses replaced, head gasket changed, new spark plugs, new battery, cleaned throttle bod,y cam follower replaced, and still having EPC light and car in limp mode. Did anyone figure this out yet?

Same problem with loss of power, I changed a brake light and this problem started, supposedly fuses were okay, but when I fixed brake light problem started, could be just that, don't panic, codes say TBS, but I don't trust that and with good reason.


So I have an 05 audi a4 2.0t had the same issue that in seeing in this post but mine never reset I replaced the coils and nothing then with the crank and cam sensor nothing changed finally my friends father suggested changing the crank vent or PC valve and it fixed it the issue I had was there was a vaccume building in the block and the crank sensor noticed it and cut some air flow into the cylinder to compensate causing it to misfire and lose power which the cam sensor picked up and restricted the power to 3k rpm max hope this helps Pus sorry for the structure of the text I am dyslexic

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I had the same problem I had my stereo system turn way up when it happened so the problem is for some reason your car doesn't have sufficient power to continue running and shuts down

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Thanks Tom, I rotated tires, checked fuses, this started with replacing a rear brake light, after that this EPC light came on so I got codes about a throttle body sensor, seems like a large expense, it may be time to let it go and buy another car but never again will I buy VW. :(

i am also having the same problem here i diagnosed it with Launch machine it went but later came back, anyone with a better answer

We recently bought a 2002 VW Golf 1.6 with all these problems. We had the ESP and EPC lights coming on. Suddenly one day we had loss of power and the car came to a stop. This happened two times since then. The check engine light has come on and the dealership thinks the problem is the throttle body. Our agreement was that we would be responsible for 50% of costs. I am afraid the next thing could be the O2 sensor etc. etc. Any ideas would help. Thank you

I own a 2007 VW GTI. When the temps in Las Vegas get about 105 degrees F, the car will lose power as if it was shut off. Then, a couples seconds later power is restored. We have complained about this to the VW dealer and VW America with no resolution. The dealer doesn't have a clue what it is or how to fix it. Someone needs to file a multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit against VW. This is a highly dangerous malfunction that will eventually lead to someone being killed because of it.

i own a 2009 golf , EPC is not always on it comes mainly when i am stopping in a signal ( always when i am not moving with the car) and when light is on i lose power and cant accelerate properly, computer test always read throttle body angle sensor fault, i cleaned the throttle body and two weeks later same EPC comes back, i changed the throttle body $$ and 24 hrs same problem.....it seems that no one knows the problem and i dont know what to do now!!


I loved my Passat .. It was the komfort addition . I now had to get rid of it after the whole EPC light fiasco and over 4500 of repairs ... The final tragedy hit . My timing skipped . And you all know what that means ... Screwed pistons and bent valves . No salvaging it . I only wish I turned it in at the start of the EPC problems . I could have used that money on the new car . I've only owned volkswagons because I love the way they drive but I just can't count on them and don't have the money for the maintenance issues . I do wish everyone luck , as a list I repaired Cam sensor , crank shaft , fuel pump module , high pressure fuel pump , 4 fuel injectors and then 3 weeks later timing skipped . I heard that was a problem in my year model . It was a 2009 Passat .

There many people complaining about the problems of modern cars or other vehicles that heavily use a central control unit that manage almost every function of the engine. There are horror stories out there that should never happened. Those who had the terrible idea to introduce the immobilizer into the Electronic Control Unit made one mistake after another and while years went by they did have more terrible ideas to cut off the power from the engine if there was a problem with signals, parameters or the DPF. Let it be known that nobody has the right to cut off power to an engine without consent from the vehicle's driver because it is illegal to do so and it can cause severe accidents or loss of lives. This is specially true when one is trying to pass another vehicle. A device should have been introduced into the car to allow the driver to bypass the ECU and take control immediately. Vehicle manufacturers haven't done it because they are thinking only about security and they are thinking excessively aboutbanti-theft strategies while this matter it must be the responsability of the car owner only. NOw all of the car makers will soon or later have to recall every vehicle in the market that have this issues and they will have to provide a way to bypass the ECU or remove totally every dangerous component. Vehicle makers will need to provide a full bypass that removes control to the ECU. I am sure that it is a big mistake they have done. It's like a an engineer that build badly a building and puts people's life at risk. They can go to jail.

Turns out my serpentine belt ripped off and that's what caused all the issues.. Easy, cheap fix.


Really ? Well I hope nothing else happens and you are safe . My car died in the middle of busy streets for months . I'd change a part then it would happen again . The scariest was when I was coming home from los Angeles for the weekend and the EPC light came on and I felt the loss of power .... I " chanced" my life and drove it 70 miles home staying in the right hand lane and calling out to Jesus the whole way. He for sure protected me. I literally made it to my house by a miracle , that's when it needed 4 fuel injectors . I am now in a Toyota . No bells and whistles to it but I believe it will be a dependable car .

I think that may be the answer Stormball. I to am having the same issue with my 2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition. I've been having engine problems for about 6 years. It first started out where the engine light would come on, no big deal VW would say, as long as the car is running fine you're fine, just make sure you don't top your gas off, that causes the engine light to come on. So I do that and the stupid light keeps coming on so I take it in again and this time they have to clean some calcification junk from the manifold, well that helped for a while but a year later I get a recall letter stating that the manifold had to be replaced and that lasted about less then a year, so I replaced the spark plug, good for 6 months, next were the coil packs, less than 6 months and last month I had 1 fuel injector replace and now the EPC light is back on and my car has a loss in power. I have a new mechanic who is great I hope he can really find my issue and replace the other three fuel injectors. I want my turbo back. :)


I know you love your vw but I would consider trading it in while it is still drivable . Mine had to be towed in for my trade in . Can't trust the EPC problems .... It spiraled from the day that light came on . Unexplained loss of power . Read bout the timing in your vw model . Best of luck .

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Why have I not seen any mention of catalytic converter?

I have a VW 2008 rabbit. About one month now it just cut off completely when I'm at the traffic lights or slowed down. The doors go..click and the radio goes off.when I put in park and turn the key to off and restart it does so immediately without a problem. Happened 6 times.I took it to my mechanic and all checked out fine.nothing was wrong.So I began meticulus observations. I thought of some kind of electromagnetic interference as there are high powered lines on a particular stretch of road where this happened. One day in another location I was pulling into a parking spot and it died.my hubby pointed out that just above the car were high voltage wires. Talking to someone when is a mechanic, he mentioned that large trucks when the drivers are on their CB radios do shut off this particular year VW. In particular on a stretch of road i drive they are large tractor trailers passing AND THIS HAS HAPPENED twice, just about 4 blocks apart, on the same road once just as soon as one if these trailers pulled alongside me. There is something called a shield that can be put somewhere on the car..don't know where... to stop this from happening but we are still doing our research. Has anyone had this happen or observed this? I'm going to go to a Dealership when I've saved enough money..

Our master mechanic, who has never seen a problem he couldn't fix said it is a "crankshaft sensor" issue. Will cost approx. $250 to replace on 2002 VW Golf. See link below describing all symptoms included in this post! http://www.doityourself.com/stry/symptoms-of-a-bad- crankshaft-sensor

2011 Volkswagen Jetta having the same issues. Epc light goes on, loss of acceleration, engine shaking. I have replaced the spark plugs twice, coils twice, and full body throttle but none of that has worked. Taken it to four different Volkswagen dealerships and they don't seem to know what's wrong, making up solutions. It seems like a big known issue no one knows the answers to at Volkswagen, which is messed up because its not safe driving down the freeway and it stalls/loses power. Any solid answer would be appreciated!

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