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2016 BMW M5 Overview
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Avg. Price: $61,160
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2015 BMW M5 Overview
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Avg. Price: $51,601
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2014 BMW M5 Overview
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Avg. Price: $43,736
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Avg. Price: $38,679
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2008 BMW M5 Overview
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Avg. Price: $20,321
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2007 BMW M5 Overview
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Avg. Price: $19,222
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Avg. Price: $16,409
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BMW M5 Questions

How To I Reconnect The Computer In My BMW SUV 2002

My son got the Computer wet driving crazy fast ... He unhooked the Computer .Let dry ... No my son is in jail ..we need to Hook computer again .idony know how

Bmw M5

i have two filler caps in my engine one on passenge one on driver both have yellow piv of a radiror

Should I Buy

So I've been looking for around 6 months or so now for a 2007 and up BMW e60 m5. Has always been a dream car and I'm a big BMW Fanatic, but up in Jacksonville fl there's an 08 with 34k miles for 25...

Installed Radar Detector 2015 BMW M5

Just bought a BMW M5. It has an installed radar detection system. How do I shut it off or mute it?? It goes off of the time and is entirely frustrating. Please help!

Throttle Body

What is this part?

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2003 BMW M5
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2002 BMW M5
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2001 BMW M5
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2000 BMW M5
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1993 BMW M5
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1992 BMW M5
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1991 BMW M5
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1988 BMW M5
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BMW M5 Overview

Now in its fourth generation, the BMW M5 has been produced continuously since 1985. The car was based on the design on BMW's 5-series but designed for racing. Models available to consumers are essentially tamed down race cars.

Originally hand built, the M5 has been produced on an assembly line since its third generation debuted in 1998. A fourth generation, built on the BMW E60 platform, was introduced in the 2004 model year.

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