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New BMW M5

2019 BMW M5 Overview
2019 BMW M5
New 2019 BMW M5 For Sale
$102,700 - $110,000
$96,010 - $102,800
Used 2019 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Used Price: $117,683

Used BMW M5

2016 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2016 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $68,316
GOOD Deal 1 GOOD Deal
2015 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2015 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $57,278
GOOD Deals 16 GOOD Deals
2014 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2014 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $48,984
GOOD Deals 7 GOOD Deals
2013 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2013 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $42,290
GOOD Deals 13 GOOD Deals
2008 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2008 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $21,613
GOOD Deals 9 GOOD Deals
2007 BMW M5 Overview
Used 2007 BMW M5 For Sale
Avg. Price: $20,554
GOOD Deals 7 GOOD Deals

BMW M5 Questions

Why Do You Prefer BMW Over A Mercedes Or Audi?

How Do You Calculate The "Instant Market Value" Of A Car?

I've noted that same model same year cars on your site with mileage within 2k of each other are calculated differences in pricing of more than $1,000 dollars.

I Am Not Savvy. I Just Need To Know If I Can Fit An F10 M5 Engine Into Anot...

Is It Worth Buying A Used Bmw M5 Years 2007-2009?

I heard the 06 models had alot of problems and Im hoping the newer models are much more reliable. I do not want to spend money on a car and then end up having to spend more money on fixing it. Feedb...

Oil Pressure Low

Something wrong with the vanos in my m5! I took it to Bmw they first perform an diagnose to check for any fault in the vanos system. They contact me saying that the line, oil pump, and both electri...

Older BMW M5

2002 BMW M5 Overview
2002 BMW M5
198 pictures
2002 BMW M5 reviews:
2001 BMW M5 Overview
2001 BMW M5
176 pictures
2001 BMW M5 reviews:
2000 BMW M5 Overview
2000 BMW M5
188 pictures
2000 BMW M5 reviews:
1993 BMW M5 Overview
1993 BMW M5
37 pictures
1993 BMW M5 reviews:
1992 BMW M5 Overview
1992 BMW M5
22 pictures
1992 BMW M5 reviews:
1991 BMW M5 Overview
1991 BMW M5
87 pictures
1991 BMW M5 reviews:
1988 BMW M5 Overview
1988 BMW M5
39 pictures

BMW M5 Overview

Now in its fourth generation, the BMW M5 has been produced continuously since 1985. The car was based on the design on BMW's 5-series but designed for racing. Models available to consumers are essentially tamed down race cars.

Originally hand built, the M5 has been produced on an assembly line since its third generation debuted in 1998. A fourth generation, built on the BMW E60 platform, was introduced in the 2004 model year.

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