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VW Tiguan Black Media Screen And Radio NOT Working

hey all! my 2013 vw tiguan media screen went black last week. Radio isn't working, reverse camera isn't working. Bluetooth still connects. looking to find a fuse for this issue, can't seem to find a...


What Hose Is Connected To Top Of Coolant Reservoir ?

Hello I am looking for the name of the 2 hoses in picture. One connects to top of coolant reservoir and runs toward front of engine and the other hose is directly underneath both running to front o...


Tiguan Battery Keeps Draining

Car is only 5 years old but after complaining to the Dealer, they opted to change the battery. No difference. If the vehicle is not used at least once every 3 days, when I go to start it, the batter...


VW Tiguan 2010 Misfire

Started with cylinder 1 misfire code about 6 months ago on tiguan. Could feel it "misfire" when driving. Replaced spark plug for cyl. 1 .... did not help. Replaced cyln. 1 coil.... could feel somew...