Toyota Camry Solara Questions

How Do I List My Car As Sold Or Stop My Ad?

I decided to keep my car. How do I stop my ad?

Where Is The Obd2 Terminal In A 2006 Solara Conv

Where is the obd2 terminal in a solara 2006

Fusebox For The Cigarette Lighter/power Outlet Toyota Solara 2006

The power outlet in the front storage box below the entertainment center of my 2006 Toyota Solara has stopped working. I am trying to find the fusebox for this but can't locate it. Looking for help.


I Have A 2008 Solara V6 Convertible With 48K Miles. Whenever I Take My Car ...

I have a Toyota Solara 2008 with 48K miles. Runs great no issues. But whenever I take my car for oil change to the dealership, they recommend that I change timing belt and transmission belt even thoug...

Toyota Camry Solara Overview

The Camry Solara is a 2-door coupe based on Toyota's best-selling 4-door sedan. First introduced in 1998, the second-generation Solara went on the market in 2004. The Camry Solara is a sporty car for Camry fans who want something a little flashier than a sedan but still want the reputation and reliability of the Camry.

The Camry Solara started out life simply as the Camry Coupe and was part of the Camry lineup. Toyota discontinued the Camry Coupe in 1997, but introduced the Solara in 1999 to compete with the likes of the Honda Accord coupe and the Chrysler Sebring.

The Solara looks quite different from the Camry sedan, and while they share an engine, the Solara has a stiffer suspension. It is also available with sportier options, like 17-inch wheels. The Solara is also available as a convertible.

The Solara is marketed as a sports car, but doesn't have the same kind of appeal as the Supra or Celica. It has a bit of a reputation as an old person's car.

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