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Mitsubishi CVT Transmissions

We owned a 2012 Outlander, which we enjoyed thoroughly. The CVT transmission failed after 112,000 miles, making the vehicle worthless ($8k repair estimates). Has Mitsubishi improved this particular ...

Screen Of Multi Information Display Os Off

I bought an outlander sport 2011 The info button was stucked inside dash board for long time I succeed to release it but unfortunately the screen of mutli ifo display is off Is this issue relay o...

Why Did The Check Engine Soon Message Light Come On After I Got Gas?

On the gas tank cap it states to make sure the cap is on correctly or the check engine soon light will come on. Anyone have a similar experience?

2019 Mitubishi Outlander Sport

when i pull the key out of the ignition, it states "remove key". It does not acknowledge that the key has been removed. Can't lock the doors, etc.

Burnt Match Smell

I have a 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport LE. I bought it in 2017 with 31,000 miles. After a week or so I noticed a strong rotten egg or sulfur smell when I would press the gas hard, smells like str...