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Why Did The Check Engine Soon Message Light Come On After I Got Gas?

On the gas tank cap it states to make sure the cap is on correctly or the check engine soon light will come on. Anyone have a similar experience?

2019 Mitubishi Outlander Sport

when i pull the key out of the ignition, it states "remove key". It does not acknowledge that the key has been removed. Can't lock the doors, etc.

Burnt Match Smell

I have a 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport LE. I bought it in 2017 with 31,000 miles. After a week or so I noticed a strong rotten egg or sulfur smell when I would press the gas hard, smells like str...

Why Can't I Unlock My Doors?

I went outside to warm my car up before leaving work. I started it, got out, locked the doors and went back inside, taking the key with me. Now I'm locked out of my car. Neither the key fob nor the ...

Why My Car Listing Is Still Processing?

Hi, pay for my car listing, but 24 hours still processing?