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2023 Honda HR-V Overview
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$23,800 - $29,400
$22,706 - $27,883
2022 Honda HR-V Overview
New 2022 Honda HR-V For Sale
$21,870 - $28,170
$20,870 - $26,719

Honda HR-V Questions

Does Anyone Have Cvt Issues With Hrv?

hi, long time listener, first time caller, lol any issues with hrv cvt ?


Key Fob Battery Warning Light Comes On On My 2016 Hrv

Have a pristine 2016 HR-V and of recent the keyless ignition fob warning light has popped up on the dash. I replaced the batteries on both fobs and all was well for a few weeks. The warning light is...

Honda HR-V Sport Whistling/chiming Noise?

Hello everyone! I recently got a Certified Pre-owned 2021 Honda HR-V Sport with 10,000 miles on it. I noticed it was making a whistling/chiming noise while in park. It doesn't do it while I'm drivi...

Turning Off Seatbelt Warning Chime 2023 HRV

I wear my seatbelt at all times, but I do hate that chime noise if I unclasp the seat belt just as I am pulling into my garage. How do I do this?


HR-V Odometer

I can't figure out how to show the odometer reading on my dashboard (2017 HR-V). I see a trip mileage, but no total mileage for the car. There must be a toggle switch somewhere, but the manual giv...