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Can You Put A 1993 Honda Civic Body On A 2004 Subaru Outback Chassis?

Kiddo wants to build a racing vehicle and this is what he would like to start with.


Will The Headlights Out Of A 06 Accord Fit In My 06 Civic Coupe

Where the headlights out of 06 Accord fit in my 06 coupe


Thoughts On 2013 Honda Civics?

Anyone care to give their 2 cents on 2013 Honda Civics? I'm all ears. Looking to purchase one soon.


Changed Battery And Now Headlights Stay On But No Power In Cabin

Hello, my civics battery was going out. Kept dying. I got a new battery - it is the correct type - and replaced it. There was a spark as I put the negative cable on (did it last) but it wasn’t ...

2013 Honda Civic Coupe

This is in front of the passenger wheel. What is this? Is it melted? Or do I just need to have the splash guard replaced?

Honda Civic Coupe Overview

The efficient, reliable, and economical Civic Coupe is popular for good reason. One other quality that is often mentioned when one speaks of Hondas is their high re-sale value. But there really isn't that much reason to sell one of these long-lasting buggies, unless maybe you're ready for a new color.

The first Civic Coupe was built in 1972 on the vanguard of the small Japanese car movement. It was a no-frills economy car in an era when most cars were still rather sizeable. Later in that decade, when the gas crisis hit, Civic owners could smile, thanks to the low fuel consumption of their chosen model.

Times have kept changing, and although the Civic Coupe remains very efficient, it is no longer a spartan affair. The list of standard equipment on even the base Civic Coupe trim is nothing to sneeze at, and several sophisticated options can be added.

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