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HP Increase

civics hav a small amount of hp to begin with so if i already have a new exhaust and cold air intake what else can bump up the hp with out jumpin to a turbo.

Is It Worth Buying 2009 Honda Civic With A Leak?

Price: $4700, 112k miles Issue: Took it to the mechanic for an inspection, and they said it was all good except for some kind of leak. It could either be power steering fluid or engine oil. They wou...


Passenger Seat Fell Through Floor Board?

I bought a 2004 honda civic coupe special edition about 4 months ago. I noticed the other day that my passenger side seat frame has fallen through the floor. The car is has no rust underneath, but ...

Why Do My Headlights Cut Off When I Accelerate?

I just replaced the battery in my 97 Honda Civic and a few days later the SRS light came on and now my headlights cut off when I accelerate and come back on when I shift into neutral.

Rough Idle And Boggs Out (wants To Die) When Gas Is Used

So my car was idling rough and I did the throttle position sencor and map sencor to but after I did that I made my car worse. now it wants to die at first I though it cu;d be clutch but obv I was wron...

Honda Civic Coupe Overview

The efficient, reliable, and economical Civic Coupe is popular for good reason. One other quality that is often mentioned when one speaks of Hondas is their high re-sale value. But there really isn't that much reason to sell one of these long-lasting buggies, unless maybe you're ready for a new color.

The first Civic Coupe was built in 1972 on the vanguard of the small Japanese car movement. It was a no-frills economy car in an era when most cars were still rather sizeable. Later in that decade, when the gas crisis hit, Civic owners could smile, thanks to the low fuel consumption of their chosen model.

Times have kept changing, and although the Civic Coupe remains very efficient, it is no longer a spartan affair. The list of standard equipment on even the base Civic Coupe trim is nothing to sneeze at, and several sophisticated options can be added.

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