Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions


Monte Carlo !

what year is the most favoriate year monte carlo

Will A 572 Fit In My 76 Monte Carlo?

Will a 572 fit under the hood of my 76 Monte Carlo or will it need serious fabrication to fit? I know I'll need a beefier transmission and rear end along with a custom driveshaft and beefier suspen...

Top Speed 2001 Monte

What is the top speed of a 2001 Monte Carlo SS 3.8L with out a governor? 2001 was before they started supercharging the 3.8

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Overview

Originally conceived as a competitor to the Ford Thunderbird, the Monte Carlo followed the hot trend of the Eighties and went through a bit of an identify crisis, eventually disappearing from the public view in 1989.

However, popular demand brought back a leaner, meaner Monte Carlo in 1995, with the family-style sedan spun off as the Lumina.

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