Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions

Pouring Out Water By The Water Pump Area

My 98 chevy monte Carlo z34 is over heating and has water pouring out at a fast pace near the water pump area I'm getting several different answers and I'm no mechanic so I'm coming to you ...

Sound Of Water Swishing

Would would cause the sound of water "swishing" within 5 seconds after starting the car?


How Many 1972 Monte Carlos Came In Factory Black?

I have a 1972 Monte Carlo that came from the factory painted black. My parents always told me that they didn't paint them black that year and that they had to special order it. I wanted to find out ...

Is This Even Possible?!

Greetingsā€¦ my name is KG. I own 1971 Monte Carlo and I was wondering if it is possible to swap the motor from the 71 and put it in a 2018 Camaro?!

Mass Air Flow Sensor Problems

My car was starting but stalling shortly after I unhooked the mass air flow sensor it started ran fine a little rough I replaced it and now it's doing the same thing starting and stalling shortly a...

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Overview

Originally conceived as a competitor to the Ford Thunderbird, the Monte Carlo followed the hot trend of the Eighties and went through a bit of an identify crisis, eventually disappearing from the public view in 1989.

However, popular demand brought back a leaner, meaner Monte Carlo in 1995, with the family-style sedan spun off as the Lumina.

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