Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions

Transmission Swap Compatibility

Will the transmission out of my 03 SS work in a 06 LS. Both are monte Carlo

How Many Coolant Hoses Are On A 3.1 L Engine

Are there any coolant hoses near the firewall at the bottom of the engine


I Have A 95 Monte Carlo Stalls When Put In Gear Or While Coming To A Stop

I have a 1995 monte carlo it stalls when put in gear or when coming to a stop ive put wires spark plugs fuel filter cam shaft sensor ignition control module mass airflow sensor ect.. Any ideas

Find A Specific Vehicle With Vin Number

I have the vin number for a car thats not listed on this site. Can I input it somewhere to find it?


I have 5.7 350 small block and I have no idea what type of camshaft to get for it. I'm not looking for a super crazy cam just for the street and maybe a few seconds of wide open throttle but you get...

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Overview

Originally conceived as a competitor to the Ford Thunderbird, the Monte Carlo followed the hot trend of the Eighties and went through a bit of an identify crisis, eventually disappearing from the public view in 1989.

However, popular demand brought back a leaner, meaner Monte Carlo in 1995, with the family-style sedan spun off as the Lumina.

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