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How Much Would A 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 Cost If It Has No Engine, Trans...

Car has no engine, bumpers, wheels, transmission, seats, headlights and tail lights. Chassis, floor panels, and brakes are rusted out.

Chevelle SS With Column Shift

I am Thinking that SS Chevelles did not come with a column shift is that correct?

Is My Chevelle A Real SS?

I have a 71 Chevelle SS with a 350 block. The interior says Malibu on the door panels and there’s no gauge on the dash.. however I did do some online research and it says 2 of the 350 models did ...

1971 Chevelle Convertible 307 Engine

What is a ball park figure of what it is worth? No rust stored winters. clean


Did Chevy Produce A 1973 Chevelle SS With A 350 Motor Or Was They All 454's...

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Chevrolet Chevelle Overview

The Chevelle was Chevrolet's mid-size car for over a decade. It came in many trims and with many engines. The most well-known of these is the SS 454, which was best known for the LS5 and LS6. This powerful engine achieved well over 400 horsepower and was available in limited numbers.

Many people forget that the Chevelle was available in trims that did not carry the "SS" in their names. Sedans and wagons were popular as well. They were large (as most cars of the era were) and seated adults comfortably.

The SS trims were impressive in how much power their engines achieved under the hood of a front-heavy car. Wheelbases remained large in true '70s style, which made turning an adventure.

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