Chevrolet Chevelle Questions

1968 Chev Chevelle Natural Safety Switch

Problem starting: new plugs, new plug wires, turns over correctly has new gas, new condenser. Does not fire or attempt to start even with either sprayed in carb. Pulled one plug could not get spark....

1968 Chevelle Turn Signal

1968 Chevelle front drivers turn signal not working. Dash light & rear turn work, put in fresh 1157 bulb. Put meter on line to light it pulses. put bulb directly in turn signal line does not light, ...

Can Anyone Tell Me How Many HEAVY CHEVY Equipped Cars Came With A Big Block...

I have a friend who told me he found a chevelle that was a 1 owner car . He said that it was in a carport on a old country rd. and he stopped to see if it could be bought. He said the old man let him ...

1968 Chevelle- Doesn't Run

Wondering where to find a good estimate how much our 1968 Chevelle (350, small block, automatic) is worth. Been sitting for at least 10 years and no longer runs and has a somewhat rusted body.

Chevrolet Chevelle Overview

The Chevelle was Chevrolet's mid-size car for over a decade. It came in many trims and with many engines. The most well-known of these is the SS 454, which was best known for the LS5 and LS6. This powerful engine achieved well over 400 horsepower and was available in limited numbers.

Many people forget that the Chevelle was available in trims that did not carry the "SS" in their names. Sedans and wagons were popular as well. They were large (as most cars of the era were) and seated adults comfortably.

The SS trims were impressive in how much power their engines achieved under the hood of a front-heavy car. Wheelbases remained large in true '70s style, which made turning an adventure.

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