Chevrolet Chevelle Questions

Matching Numbers For A 65 Chevelle

could an engine date coded august 22 in a 65 chevelle be matching numbers with the fisher body date of January second week?


When turn on head light back lights do not turn on and dash lights don't come on

What Size Rearends Came In 67 Chevelles

what size rearends came in 1967 chevelle malibu

One Wheel Cylinder Expands On Its Own.

All new brake system on my 1965 Chevelle, converted to a power dual master cylinder, has a right rear wheel cylinder which expands on its own, even with the drum off, car on jacks at 40 mph. The p...

How Many 73 Chevelle SS Cars Were Built With The 454-4 Speed With The Bench...

Back in the day I had a Midnight metallic blue with the silver stripes around the bottom,with black interior with a bench seat, 73 Chevelle SS that had the 454-4 speed /non a/c. Had the 3.55 rear axle...

Chevrolet Chevelle Overview

The Chevelle was Chevrolet's mid-size car for over a decade. It came in many trims and with many engines. The most well-known of these is the SS 454, which was best known for the LS5 and LS6. This powerful engine achieved well over 400 horsepower and was available in limited numbers.

Many people forget that the Chevelle was available in trims that did not carry the "SS" in their names. Sedans and wagons were popular as well. They were large (as most cars of the era were) and seated adults comfortably.

The SS trims were impressive in how much power their engines achieved under the hood of a front-heavy car. Wheelbases remained large in true '70s style, which made turning an adventure.

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