Chevrolet Avalanche Questions


Flashing Battery Light On Chevy Avalanche Silverados Etc

I came across this problem where I noticed that my voltage gauge in my truck was fluctuating, let it go on for a little while then as I was backing in my driveway my 02 Chevy avalanche almost died...

Driver Door No Power

How to fix lost power to all functions on driver's door only

Limp Mode Want Shift

car in limp mode won't shift properly to 3rd gear and won't shift no more check fuses check wires changed solenoid new fluid new filter clean pan clean metal at the bottom of the pan new gasket a...

Avalanche Transmission Won't Shift Into 2nd 3rd Or 4th Gear

I have a 2004 Chevy Avalanche. Two wheel drive. Transmission stuck in first gear. I can drive it but it'll only go up to about 30 miles per hour Terry and will Redline if I try to go any faster. It...

Chevrolet Avalanche Overview

The Avalanche could be known as the original SUT, or sports utility truck. Although considered a pickup truck, the Avalanche is a truly luxurious vehicle, and provided the inspiration for the Cadillac Escalade.

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