Chevrolet Avalanche Questions

4 Wheel Drive Won't Work

4 wheel drive switch doesn't have any lights on and I have power tothe front actuator but ground isnt coming threw the actuator plug

Where Is The Ground For The 4 Wheel Drive

where is the ground for the 4 wheel drive because I am getting power on hot side but ground is not doing correct

My Car Sounds Like A Motorcycle

When I press on gas it gets louder does anyone know what’s the deal


Flashing Battery Light On Chevy Avalanche Silverados Etc

I came across this problem where I noticed that my voltage gauge in my truck was fluctuating, let it go on for a little while then as I was backing in my driveway my 02 Chevy avalanche almost died...

Chevrolet Avalanche Overview

The Avalanche could be known as the original SUT, or sports utility truck. Although considered a pickup truck, the Avalanche is a truly luxurious vehicle, and provided the inspiration for the Cadillac Escalade.

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