Cadillac CTS Questions


Heater Problem

My heater is only working on passenger side. The middle console and the driver side are given cool air. Is it a door actuator problem ? If yes, is the part located above the fuel pedal?

Psi Oil Gauge Moving A Lot, Is That Normal?

I have a 2012 Cadillac CTS and my psi oil gauge goes up when I accelerate to about 75 then when I get to my speed it will go down to 25 to 35 then idle at 50 but it constantly moves up and down. Is...

Horn Goes Off W New Battery

I replaced the battery on my 06 CTS. Once I connect the negative terminal, horn goes off. Any suggestions

2011 Cts Coupe Shaking When I Step On Brakes

after driving for awhile when I step on brakes car shakes. But only after I'm driving for a awhile. Is that a sign of rotor warp

Cadillac CTS Overview

Introduced in 2003, the Cadillac CTS represents the domestic maker's best attempt at competing with European luxury midsize sedans. Through 2007, we've seen three noteworthy engine revisions.

The first V6 powertrain lasted from 2003-2004 and featured 3.2 L displacement and 220 hp. The CTS then upped the ante to 3.6 L and 255 hp in 2004, and introduced 2.8 L, 210 hp engine in 2005.

Cadillac also instituted the more powerful CTS-V in 2004. Look for future models to feature a standard 3.6 L powertrain with either 258 or 300 hp. Overall, reviewers like the CTS' style and ride. However, Cadillac could do a little better on the details, including road noise and lack of quality interior materials.

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