Audi Q5 Questions

Valuing A Totaled Car

How do you reach a fair value on a car that has been totaled by an insurance company, when the mileage does not correspond with 17,000 of the vehicle comps that are being presented?

2018 Audi Q5 Low Oil Question

I have a 2018 Audi Q5 with about 72K miles (bought it at around 69K miles). Based on the service settings, it says I will not need an oil change until 200 more days. However, based on the oil gauge/...

Does Audi Q5 Still Have The Engine Oil Consumption Issue?

I'm looking into purchasing Audi Q5, but have second thoughts after reading about engine excessive oil use. I'm interested in models build in 2013 and up.


Inspection On An Audi 2019 Q5

Why do I have to drive my Audi Q5 70 miles after changing the backup lightbulb before before i can get a yearly inspection in Massachusetts?