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2012 Acura TSX Wouldn't Start After Sitting For 4 Days

After sitting in my garage for 4 days while we went on vacation in a different car, my 2012 TSX (61K miles) would not start. The first time I tried, the engine almost caught, but then died. I figured ...

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can i sell my car here?

Pvc Valve Broke!!! Please Help

Yesterday on my acura tsx, I was changing my pcv valve and it snapped on half. So the threaded part of the valve is still stuck in the hole. Can someone give me any advice on what to do and what is...

2008 Acura TSX Will Not Turn Over.

I have a 2008 Acura TSX. New starter, alternator, and battery but when I turn over the switch I get nothing. Disengaged shifter lock and no ignition in either park or neutral. All accessories and sy...

2010 Acura TSX - 4 Cylinder

When I start my car in the morning the car starts without a problem but all my dashboard lights blink like its Christmas; the fuel and rpm gauge needles go up and down. Everything returns to normal in...

Acura TSX Overview

The Acura TSX was first introduced in 2004 as a replacement for the poorly-selling CL. It fits into Acura's line of cars between the sporty RSX coupe and luxury TL sedan.

The Acura TSX has had a 2.4-liter I4 since its inception, though Acura continues to tune the engine to raise the horsepower and torque. Current numbers put the horses at 205 and the torque at 166 lb-ft.

Standard features abound in the Acura TSX, including leather seats and steering wheel; power doors, windows, and seats; a sunroof; and many safety features.

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