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$50,150 - $73,800
$48,885 - $69,136
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New 2023 Acura MDX For Sale
$49,550 - $73,200
$47,815 - $68,106

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Is It Possible To List And Sell My Car Privately On CarGurus?

I'd like to try and sell my car privately. Is it possible to add a private listing on CarGurus?

Alarm Activates Itself. Any One Else Ever Have This Problem?

My car alarm went off on the middle of night and again this morning. There was nobody around it. Anyone else ever had this problem and what was the fix?

Is This A Battery Issue?

My 2014 Acura MDX dash lights up and I hear clicking, but is does not start up. Could this be the battery?

Does Cargurus Deliver Cars

On television it looks like you deliver cars to customers. Is this the case?

Acura MDX Overview

Acura first released its MDX in 2001 into a market full of luxury SUV's. The MDX sits on the same platform as the Honda Odyssey, and shares much in common with the Honda Pilot.

Competing with the BMW X5 and Mercedes M-class, the MDX has many fine appointments that are expected of a luxury vehicle. Leather seats and wood trim create a plush interior, complete with a dashboard full of cutting-edge electronics.

Drivers of these vehicles have loved the agility, acceleration, and all-weather capability of these vehicles, while complaining about a lack of cargo space and questionably comfortable seats.

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