Lincoln Town Car Questions

Front License Plate Bracket

Are 1990 town car front license plate brackets interchangeable thru the 1997 models

Rear Air Bag Suspension

Is it safe to drive my 2005 town car while the rear air bags won't inflate? that is without causing tire or body damage?


Windowshield Wiper Motor?

I installed a brand new window shield wiper motor but after i installed it and installed my wiper arms back on my passenger side window shield wiper arm won't move buy my driver side arm moves prope...

Why Do My Brake Pedal Go To The Floor

I’ve replaced master cylinder brake booster and pads and rotors any suggestions to why brake pedal goes to the/ sounds spongy

Lincoln Town Car Overview

Lincoln introduced its full-size luxury sedan in 1981, when the Town Car had a lot of company among similar domestic products. Stately, elegant, and spacious, the Town Car commands respect.

This truly American vehicle has often been used as a limousine. As a rival of cars such as the Buick Park Avenue and various Cadillac models, the Town Car has survived.

Once full of corners, like a long, flat box, the Town Car lost some of its edges over the years in the name of aerodynamics. It remained stately and elegant through it all. But times keep a-changing, and this barge of the American road probably won't be around forever.

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