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Wipers Going Too Far After Replacing Wiper Motor

Replace wiper motor on 2002 Town Car with WPM 2010 part number from Rock Auto. Now, even with wipers starting out at lowest possible position on windshield, wipers are going to far to the drivers s...


Wiper Motor Wiring Not Like Other Models

replaced wiper motor, with wrecking yard aftermarket unit plugged in normal, turned on they made 1 swipe and I turned them off but noticed smoke. Investigation resulted in plug melting, exchanged wit...


Why Can I Not Get The 1994 Lincoln Town Car To Start?

Been trying to fix the Lincoln; it started with the issue of: *Will start up but then randomly wouldn't; you'd have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to hours before it decided to start *We changed th...


I Have Situation With My Lincoln Town Car. 1994. The Car Will Crank Bu...

I don't know what to look at next. I have done about everything with new parts I can think of. Getting spark. I would drive it somewhere and go to start it but won't start. I wait 15 minutes an...

Water In Rear Drivers Side Floor

Water in rear drivers side floor every time it rains

Lincoln Town Car Overview

Lincoln introduced its full-size luxury sedan in 1981, when the Town Car had a lot of company among similar domestic products. Stately, elegant, and spacious, the Town Car commands respect.

This truly American vehicle has often been used as a limousine. As a rival of cars such as the Buick Park Avenue and various Cadillac models, the Town Car has survived.

Once full of corners, like a long, flat box, the Town Car lost some of its edges over the years in the name of aerodynamics. It remained stately and elegant through it all. But times keep a-changing, and this barge of the American road probably won't be around forever.

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