Lincoln Town Car Questions

Rim Bolt Pattern For Wheels

Wheel Bolt pattern


Install A Bumper Hitch To Haul Trailer.

I have a 2001 Lincoln town car executive. I would like to pull a U-Haul trailer. I purchased a class II hitch.

Passenger Seat Will Come Up From The Reclining Position

Passenger seat is stuck in the reclining position there is no sound any longer of the motor attempting to work to raise it

Trunk Not Closing Wont Pull Down?

trunk catches but wont pull down to close tight.

Lincoln Town Car Overview

Lincoln introduced its full-size luxury sedan in 1981, when the Town Car had a lot of company among similar domestic products. Stately, elegant, and spacious, the Town Car commands respect.

This truly American vehicle has often been used as a limousine. As a rival of cars such as the Buick Park Avenue and various Cadillac models, the Town Car has survived.

Once full of corners, like a long, flat box, the Town Car lost some of its edges over the years in the name of aerodynamics. It remained stately and elegant through it all. But times keep a-changing, and this barge of the American road probably won't be around forever.

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