New Lincoln Aviator

2022 Lincoln Aviator Overview
The 2022 Lincoln Aviator has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

Lincoln Aviator Questions

Headlamps On 04 Lincoln Aviator

Is there any other vehicle that’s headlight assemblies that can be used for an aftermarket swap into my aviator?


Blinking Nstrument Panel Lights On A 2004 Aviator

Why would the instrument panel lights on a 2004 Aviator come on and off when driving. This does not happen all the time and when it does they quit blinking after a while


Dash, Windows, Radio And Others Go Out After Start Up

This is so strange. I do not understand why everything works fine when I turn the key to on without starting the engine but once the engine starts then the dash, radio, windows, interior lights, and...

Transmission/Gear Shifter

My 2003 Lincoln Aviator gear shifter moves but doesn't feel the same and won't drive/reverse. The gear shifter just moves without changing (going into gear) the gears? Is this more a transmission p...

Will Front Body Clip Work

Will a 2004 Lincoln Navigator front body clip fit a2003 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Aviator Overview

There's no Flubber involved, no Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang nickname included. That's because, of course, the Lincoln Aviator can't really fly. In reality, it's a midsize luxury SUV that borrows its body-on-frame platform from the Ford Explorer and its luxury trappings and exterior styling from the Lincoln Navigator. From outward appearances, the Aviator is just a shrunken Navigator, making it more appealing to childless drivers who want the cargo space, three rows of seating, towing power, and AWD capability available in larger SUVs.
Introduced in 2003 as a more manageable alternative to the beefier Navigator, the Lincoln Aviator was available in Luxury and Premium trims, with either rear-wheel or automatic all-wheel drive. It had a stronger standard engine than the Explorer - a 4.6-liter V8 and a 5-speed automatic tuned for 302-hp and 300 ft-lbs of torque. Creature comforts abounded, with heated leather seats, power everything (including pedals), and a host of standard and optional safety features. The Premium trim added the popular heated and cooled seats, and other options available included a sunroof, navigation system, and DVD player.

Over its three-year lifespan, the Premium trim became the Ultimate and then was dropped and offered only as an option package. Traction control with rollover protection became standard in 2005. Though not equipped for off-roading, as it lacked low-range gearing, the all-wheel drive system provided extra security in rough climates or tricky driving situations. The Aviator could be configured to seat either six or seven, though a common complaint was that the third row offered little legroom.

The Aviator was meant to appeal to drivers looking for a luxury SUV who didn't need the space or size of the sometimes unwieldy Navigator. Good towing power and easy driveability rated high with owners. Sales never amounted to much, however, perhaps because its equipment list didn't differ much from those of the less expensive Explorer and Mountaineer and its overall appearance wasn't distinct enough from its bigger brother. Low fuel economy and a hefty pricetag did not help its cause. Gone after 2005, rumors of a revised car-based crossover Aviator for 2007 were quashed with the release of the Lincoln MKX. This new crossover carries only a V6, however, and plans for a more Aviator-like crossover are still in the works.

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