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How Does CarGuru Value Differ From Edmunds Or Kelly Blue Book

I am trying to determine the "actual cash value" for a Lexus 450H for an insurance settlement. In particular, I want to be sure the last two year increase in used car values and the impact of recen...

Lexus Battery Drain

lexus 2008 rx400h battery drain

Can I Access Carfax Free One Time?

carfax can it be free for one time check ? my vin is JTJHW31U182062296 Can you kindly check for me? I like to know if this is a salvage title.

Can You Remotely Start The Lexus 450h?

We just bought a Lexus 450h, (premium, not luxury and cannot find any information in manual about remote start) does this car have this feature?

2010 Lexus RX450h Suddenly Lost Power At Highway Speed

Any idea what would have caused this. All was fine, then suddenly warning lights saying various systems shutting down. Fortunately was able to pull over to shoulder.