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$19,790 - $24,090
$19,098 - $23,005
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Kia Soul Questions

Seat Motor (driver Side)

Power seat goes forward and back, up and down but will no longer tilt. Suggestions?

Brakes And Rotors 2016 Kia Soul

I have a 2016 Kia Soul+ that has 42,000 miles. I am second owner. I am told it needs brake pads and rotors turned? It is not making any noise. Why the rotors with only 42 thousand miles?

I Have A 2014 Kia Soul + And The Traction And Abs Lights Come On After Driv...

the traction and abs lights come on after driving for a while now the brake light comes on on the dash any reason why??

Kia Soul 2016 Base Model Alternator Replacement Ultima Compatabile ?

is the ultima alternator from O'Riely auto parts compatabile with the base model 2016 kia soul I ask because I bought a new battery and alternator the alternator was remanufactured and I had issues w...