Kia Optima Hybrid Questions

Hybrid System Warning

I have a 2012 kia optima hybrid. The engine does not start. Hybrid system warning safety stop and do not drive

How To Update Title Names

my title only has my name on it and i marked that it has two, how do i change that. It looks like the potential buyer and I are getting close to an agreed upon price and I want to make sure we don'...

OEM Tire Warranty Calculating By Tread Depth?

I have OEM Hankook tires on my 2018 car that are hitting the end of usable tread depth at 33k when they are warrantied for 70k. Hankook has this in their warranty: "Adjustment for compensation will b...


Car Will Not Start. Any Ideas Will Be Appreciated. ?

Car will not start, charged the battery and still nothing. I have no interior lights, nothing. I mean nothing. Any ideas will be appreciated. ?

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid Start Issues

Replaced battery and worked fine for a week. Jumped started fine and drives fine but when I shut off it won't start back. Key fob inop and steering wheel light is all that is showing on dash